An Interview with Eadie Lifestyle Founder, Trudie Cox, on her latest Summer 17 Collection


We are so excited about this new Eadie Collection! It is just stunning! What was the inspiration behind the range? 

Thank you – we love this collection also. It’s one of my favourite collections so far in Eadie’s 3 1/2 years. As usual, Eadie is my creative compass, and her experiences lead the creative path for me. For this season, Eadie spent the Summer in the French Countryside. She enjoyed long, lazy lunches amongst the beautiful French rural landscape and gardens. This really steered my design and colour selection for this season.

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What are the key colours this season?

This season features three new key colours. Sea Mist and Musk provide a beautiful canvas for our soft Summery colour palette, whilst the addition of Burnt Orange adds contrast and punch. 

We have introduced some lovely details such as exquisite embroidery & ribbed velvets, and our signature frayed and fringed edgings.

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This Summer Eadie welcomes the introduction of your Linen Bedding Range as well as the long awaited Lounge Series! Can you talk us through these?

The Linen Bedding range is something I have had in development for 18 months. Linen Bedding is a well covered category, so our offering had to be exceptional. I have worked with my factory to ensure the weight of the linen is on point, and then a lot of time was spent on perfecting the colour palette and the washing process. I think we have perfected this, and the results speak for themselves; beautiful muted colours and the softest linen, which will only get softer with wash and use. There is a lot of cheaper, inferior quality linen bedding on the market.  I wanted to develop a bedding range I was proud to put our name to. I have slept in this linen bedding for months and can personally vouch for its quality, comfort and aesthetic appeal. We use only 100% European flax .

The Lounge Series was created as a result of my crazy lifestyle. I am passionate about natural fibres, particularly linen. Being a busy, single working Mum of 3 girls, I have little time to spend on creating a stylish , comfortable wardrobe. I’m all about low maintenance! I travel extensively for work, and I was looking for garments that were comfortable, easy to pack, wear and launder. I also wanted to develop garments that could be versatile and create many different looks, in various climates. Linen is perfect for both cool and warm climates. Being a natural fibre, it is absorbent and helps the body to adapt to all climatic conditions. Our Lounge Series allows women to look and feel beautiful both in and out of the home.  The superstar of this collection has proven to be the Shavest. A combination of a Shawl and Vest, this is an incredibly versatile piece that can be worn several different ways to create different looks. A must to travel with.

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What makes this collection unique to other brands currently on the market?

I decided early on in Eadie’s inception, that we didn’t want to compete with other brands and their creative direction. I have the utmost respect for what a number of other brands are doing. I think its nice for us all to have our own unique offering and style. For us, it’s all about creating timeless classic pieces that don’t follow trends. I actually avoid exposure to commercial trends, as I always want Eadie and her stories to be the creative compass. That way, we maintain our point of difference. Similarly to investing in a well cut suit, an investment in an Eadie Piece will provide our Customer with textiles that stands the test of time, and can be combined with other, more decorative brands to create an individually curated look. We are all about simplicity, quality and versatility.

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Eadie is synonymous with the finest fabrics and gorgeous textures and details. How do you develop your fabrics each season and how important is quality to you?

The quality of our fabrics is paramount. Each and every fabric is designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. Life is busy, and most of us don’t have the time to be too precious . We want to know that pieces we select for our home will offer comfort and durability. We will always stand by this and continue with this philosophy.

I travel to India several times each year, where I work very closely with my factory , where 90% of our product comes out of. We havea team of designers and tailors that work exclusively on Eadie Lifestyle. As a result, our quality is consistent, and much love and pride goes into each and every piece created.

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What are your favourite pieces and do you have any predictions for best sellers this season? 

That’s a hard question as I really do have an emotional attachment to each style we create. If I don’t love it, I can’t produce it! Having said that, I still adore our Luca Series. The simplicity and warmth these beautiful pieces portray bellies the technically complex process behind the scenes. Each and every piece is garment dyed, creating the beautiful “worn in” look achieved; and I love the broad range of colours now available in this series.

Definitely, the hero of this season is our new “Bouquet” Cushion. It has sold well beyond our expectations. I think the extensive embroidery on the finest linen offers luxurious detail, whilst the elegant floral design creates a sense of happiness, synonymous with Spring.

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Get a glimpse into to all the Behind The Scenes action shooting our new Summer 17 collection below!

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Follow Gina on Instagram @stylecuratorau

An Interview with Eadie Lifestyle Founder, Trudie Cox


Home is…

My three Daughters, my Partner, my Border Collie Charlie, my tight knit family and close circle of friends, candles, delicious food cooking in the kitchen, great music, laughter, conversation, simplicity. These are the things that I consider home. My physical home is a warehouse conversion in Newcastle, currently being renovated.

What motivated you to start Eadie Lifestyle?

Eadie found me! She came to me in the shower, and from that day on, I haven't looked back. I’ve always been passionate about beautiful interiors, and coming from a consumer perspective, I felt there was a gaping hole in the market for beautiful quality basics that were affordable, functional and timeless.

Where do you find inspiration to design new & innovative products?

Eadie is my creative compass. She is a character I tap into when designing the collection and is well and truly alive in my head. I know the clothes she wears, the food she enjoys, the wine she drinks and the friendships she enjoys. I actually block out mainstream influences when designing the collection, and rather, tap into Eadie's appreciation for aesthetic, design and timeless style. All designs represent an "Eadie" experience, whether it be a destination she travelled to, a fabulous dinner party she attended or a broken love affair she went through. That is where my inspiration comes from. 

What & where is your favourite interiors space?

One of the most spectacular and interesting interior spaces I have been fortunate enough to experience is the beautiful Musee D'Orsay in Paris. I was fascinated by the fact that this Art Museum  was once a working Railway Station. I think the interior is rich in natural elements including stone, timber and natural light. It is stunningly elegant but sympathetic to its history and origin. On a local level, I am really impressed with the architecture and interior design  of some of the Melbourne homes I’ve been lucky to see and visit. I think there is an outstanding level of innovation, functionality and thinking out side of the square going on there.

What does a day in the life of Trudie look like?

It's pretty crazy - as most working Mums can relate to. I have 3 daughters ranging from 12-17 years - all at different schools. So mornings and evenings in my home are lively, chaotic and pretty busy. If I’m at home in Newcastle I usually hit the office by 9, work until early evening, then spend time with my family (I sometimes try and squeeze in a run - not regularly enough!) and then get back to emails and work for a couple of hours in the evening. I am quite an insomniac so it is pretty common for me to be emailing the team at 4am. I’ve been a light sleeper since I was a child, 4 hours a night does me. I find it very hard to switch off. I also travel fairly regularly interstate and to India a couple of times a year. It is a fast paced, crazy life, but it 's my normal now. When I first launched Eadie  2.5 years ago, the work load was unrelenting. I am starting to get a little more balance as time goes on. I couldn't have done it without the help of my parents. They are amazing with my girls - I am really lucky to have their unwavering support. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Oh Gosh, I don't really consider myself an entrepreneur (crazy yes - entrepreneur I’m not sure). But if I had to give anyone embarking on a start up advice, it would be this... 

  1. Whatever your assumptions are on how hard you will have to work, how many obstacles you will face, and how steep your learning curve will be, triple it. At times when the challenges seemed just impossible to get through, my passion for what I was doing got me through. For me, it has never felt like work. So you need to have passion and obsession in what you are doing. 
  2. There is no such thing as a mistake. I’ve learnt a hundred times more in this business from my hard times, than I have from my successes. Every challenge is a brilliant lesson gift wrapped in disguise. Prepare yourself for some hard times - if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
  3. Celebrate the wins! Starting and running your own business is not for the faint hearted so I have learnt to appreciate and enjoy the ups and successes. They really make the hard work worth while and nothing feels better. 
  4. Identify your areas of weakness and surround yourself by positive people who are stronger than you in those areas. I learnt this the hard way. In the beginning, I thought I should be able to do everything. I soon found out that is impossible. It isn't efficient financially or creatively, and has an adverse effect on the level of Client Service you offer, and the morale and development of your team. 
  5. Finally, back yourself to the hilt, enjoy the journey.   

What is one thing that surprises people about you?

My strange eating habits -for eg. I only eat the topping on a pizza, the outside of a Kit Kat bar, the outside of peanut M&M's and the inside of a meat pie lol. I’m a pretty open book, so what you see is what you get, however outside of work, in my personal life, I can be quite shy at times. Once people get to know me, they find that hard to believe as I become quite loud :)

Your life's motto is…

Embrace every window of opportunity. Life is short so play hard and go for it. Leave no room for regrets x