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The sun had lazily risen over the brick buildings of Berlin hours ago, but Eadie still remained in bed. Her legs twisted in the rich linen sheets, as she cradled a book in her hands. A sinking feeling hadn’t left her stomach since the night Gabriel walked out. His presence had been replaced with the constant tug of self-doubt, and jitters of anxiety. Her apartment, where they’d made love and shared secrets now felt like a cage of emptiness that she couldn’t escape. Despite it being her choice to end it, she still needed time to mourn the loss of another lover. Perhaps, she didn’t know what love really was. Perhaps, what Gabriel and her had was “it”, and she’d never find anything that true again. She’d pushed away what so many others craved; comfort, stability, a home. But adventure ran through her veins, not allowing her to succumb to the life others had planned for her. Even if that meant losing the man with flecks of gold in his green eyes. He’d surely be back in Surrey by now, strolling by the riverbank. She could still recall the fresh scent of mint from their first encounter. 

The buzz of Eadie’s phone on her nightstand broke her spiralling thoughts. Victoria’s name flashed across the screen. For the first time in three days a small smile tugged the corners of Eadie’s lips.

Victoria was Eadie’s best friend. The pair met when they were still in school, and bonded over shared dreams of travel and glamour. Since then, Victoria had lived in New York and London, before finding a home in Paris. Regardless of their physical distance they managed to remain just as close; talking most days, and travelling all over the globe to see each other.

‘Eade’s! I’m so sorry I didn’t call sooner, you know how crazy fashion week is!’ Victoria’s
smooth voice echoed down the phone line. She could practically picture her curled on her velvet lounge, glass of wine in hand, wrapped in her favourite floral robe. ‘You know I think you made the right call,’ she continued, ‘Gabriel was ready for the whole Friday night family charades. You don’t want that.’
‘I know Tor,’ Eadie sighed, ‘it just hurts. What if he was IT for me?’
‘Enough of this,’ Eadie was taken back by the harshness to her best friend's tone,
‘Marco is throwing a fabulous party at his house in Giverny this weekend, and you simply must come!’
Right now, the last thing she wanted to do was spend an evening in a room full of people, pretending to be okay.

‘I don’t think so-’

‘Too late! I just booked you a ticket, check your inbox.’ Despite her better judgment
Eadie couldn’t help but smile. She could always count on Victoria to get her out of her head. ‘We can drive from Paris the day after tomorrow. Plus, Marco’s new lover is in town and needs our approval!’ Victoria finished.

Maybe this party was just what Eadie needed. Marco was famous for his gatherings at the beautiful country estate, and it’d been a while since she’d seen her best friend. She felt she would push through and go. Something was calling her to be at that party….yet that was based purely in her intuition.

‘Fine, I’ll be there…’


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