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A week had passed since Eadie’s date with Adam, and she hadn’t seen him since. While this was normal before, she had thought things would have changed after the moment they shared. The constant knot of anxiety in her stomach grew heavier each day. She was ready to quit. To retreat home, wherever that now was, and forget the whole experience. At the very least, she was ready to crawl under her linen bedding and sleep away the weekend. Mainly though, she was angry. At him for leading her on, and at herself for letting it unfold the way it did. That was until she saw an envelope resting on her velvet pillow, with her name neatly written on the front.

Firstly, I’m so sorry…I know it was rude of me to not contact you after our date, but work whisked me away yet again. My venture in Hungary is not going well, and they needed my out here. But I want you to know I had a lovely evening with you the other night. You are still very much on my mind.

Secondly, I want to ask if you’ll do something crazy. In this envelope, there is a ticket to Budapest for you to join me. The flight leaves tomorrow at 2pm. I’m hoping you can delay working on my house in Morocco for a few days and come seek inspiration here with me in my favourite city. It’s truly magical! I’d like to take you on a second date, if you are not too mad with me? The choice is yours, but the beauty of this country should be seen by your eyes.

Sitting stunned on her bed, she read the letter over again. Budapest. For a second date. Her anger dissipated, and in its place, grew hope. Perhaps Adam really did understand her, for he seemed to recognise something adventurous, and a touch crazy in her.

With her hastily packed suitcase in tow, Eadie touched down in Hungary. Her hands shaking slightly at the prospect of a weekend away with her boss, but her heart already taken by the European city. Adam’s driver escorted her to a chic hotel south of the river Danube, where she was told to head to the rooftop. Butterflies surged in her stomach with every floor the elevator rose above. Soon she was at the 31st floor, with nowhere higher to go. Taking a deep breath Eadie stepped out to be greeted by an opulent, but gloriously intimate bar with a canopy of fine white linen and deep green vines overhead. Candles flickered on the marble bench tops and the light of the city glowed in the night.
‘Eadie,’ Adam’s voice broke the silence, ‘I’m so glad you came.’ A smile broke across her face as he pulled her into his arms. The soft wool of his suit pressed against her face, as she inhaled his sandalwood cologne. ‘Can I get you a drink?’ He asked, taking her hand.
‘Please,’ she replied, ‘it’s so beautiful up here.’
‘It’s my favourite place in this city,’ he said, ‘the night I arrived I came up here and couldn’t get you out of my head…I knew I had to show it to you.’ Eadie hoped the dim light would conceal her burning cheeks. He was so honest. There wasn’t an ounce of resentment towards him left - only longing. They sat under the stars, in a country that would forever hold a place in their hearts after tonight, and started falling in love.


  • Posted on by Basil B

    Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, something Eadie knows. She’s doing things she is scared of, living every monent and taking chances. So what if Adam isn’t mr right, she’s dancing in the Budapest moonlight and exploring new sights, smells and sounds. Maybe her happily ever after is learning to risk it all and being open to new adventures that come her way on a whim, Adam is just a bonus ;)

  • Posted on by Hannah

    Adam, I’m sorry but I think you are too good to be true.
    Throwing money at a plane ticket is not giving any of yourself. True care is given when you show someone that you can be an equal through honesty and open communication. To leave without taking two minutes to explain is not justified. I think this plane ticket might be a smokescreen. Watch out, Eadie!

  • Posted on by Dawn Cummings

    Omg, loved reading ever word
    The rooftop, the candlelight, linen and leaves…
    Life’s one big adventure and what a place to be in for that.
    Keep going Eadie x

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