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The last month under the ever-beating Marrakech sun had simply flown by. It seemed only last week that Veronica had handed Eadie her card, with a promise of a luxurious job. And only a day since she’d descended upon the former imperial city. In all her travels, she had never seen a place like this. Even from above hues of contrasting colour filled her sights. Excitement started to build in her stomach the closer to land they got. She was promised a ‘comfortable’ stay, but Eadie had little idea of what that meant, until she was sipping on champagne in first class and being whisked away in a town car from the arrivals gate.

The house itself was beautiful. A three-story mansion, built around a central pool. Eadie’s days were spent venturing to local flea markets in an effort to find unique art and fabrics. As well as managing the many tradesmen that tramped in and out of the house. She was beginning to feel like her old self again. Confident, independent, and adventurous. With every passing day Gabriel drifted further from her mind, until he was more like a distant dream. Pleasant but unable to place.

So far, Eadie had only met the client, Mr. Badir, a handful of times. But from what she’d heard from Veronica, he was happy with her work. Mr. Badir was a mysterious man, and Eadie couldn’t help but be taken by his thick eyelashes and dark complexion. But this was her job. And Eadie was committed to staying professional. Throwing herself further into her work in an effort to stop the distracting, growing thoughts of him. Occasionally he’d poke his head in to check on her progress, but for the most part she was left to her own company.

Eadie stood in the lounge, surveying the woven rug that had been found at an obscure shop she’d stumbled upon during this morning’s travels. She was tossing up if it was too informal for the space, when a voice broke her concentration.

‘Your work is beautiful…’ It was Mr. Badir. His heavy accent making the words sound melodic. ‘And if it’s not too bold of me to say, so are you.’ Eadie felt colour rush to her cheeks and a smile tug on her lips. She turned to face him.

‘Thank you,’ she replied, ‘I wish I could be bolder.’

‘If you were what would you say?’ His question made her heart race. Should she admit that he’d been increasingly on her mind since they met? That she was starting to feel completely intrigued by him? Or not risk another broken heart, and being seen as unprofessional. ‘I’m sorry- that was inappropriate,’ She must have looked conflicted to garner this response from him, ‘I was wondering if you might join me for dinner?’ To that, Eadie smiled.

‘I would love too, it will give us a great opportunity to bring you up to date on the project’s progress.’ She replied, trying to keep her job front of mind..

At seven Eadie was waiting for her Bashir under the grand archway of the entry hall. She’d managed to tame her hair into a low bun, with curls cascading around her face; and had pulled her favourite linen jumpsuit out of the suitcase she still hadn’t unpacked. Nerves fluttered in her stomach as she checked the time again.

‘You look stunning,’ Mr. Badir said, appearing behind her, ‘are you ready?’

Music filled the air as they drove to what the handsome man claimed to be ‘the best restaurant in all of Morocco’, and, as Eadie anticipated, it was. The roof of the small eatery was covered in fine gold swirls, glistening from the beautiful candelabras suspended low, almost touching their heads.

The food was sumptuous and served in traditional clay dishes. The pair got to know each other with glasses of wine in their hands. They talked about everything- from where they grew up, to their dreams and desires. And by the end of the night, Eadie’s heart was feeling like she had know Bashir for years – not merely weeks.

‘Tonight was perfect,’ She spoke, as she bid goodnight to her companion, ‘thank you.’

With that Mr. Badir, or Adam as he insisted she call him, drew her in close and pulled Eadie towards him. Her eyes gently fell closed as their lips touched. She hesitated for a second, was she breaking the cardinal rule of mixing business with pleasure? Adam, was leading the way, and it was very clear there was not a hint of hesitation coming from him.

Eadie relinquished all hesitations and thought to herself this was surely going to be an unforgettable trip.

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    Speaking from experience she should definitely keep it professional otherwise it can get very messy and complicated.

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