After losing her way with Adam in Budapest, Eadie heads to New York and finds joy and freedom when she reconnects with in an old friend...

They chased each other round the stark white spirals of the Guggenheim. Eadie in her new heels and crisp white shirt, and he dressed down in his usual black jeans and t shirt. It was so hot in New York, but thankfully the insurance company had agreed that she could buy a replacement outfit, as her suitcase was still winging its way from London.

How odd it was that she had recognised Mark while waiting interminably for that missing luggage. Tall, tanned, good looking, he was an old friend from Australia just arrived in New York for an art show.  While they stood chatting, he had suggested they spend the next day together. After the experience in Budapest, she was pleased to see a man she knew. And what was that flutter in her chest? Surely not so soon. 

A quick trip with Mark to Saks Fifth Avenue had her fitted out in beautiful, but totally unsuitable clothes for sightseeing in the crowded Manhattan streets. Eadie had thrown caution to the wind and taken the expensive pale grey heels (they truly were to die for), and with tight pants and white linen shirt, she felt a million dollars. Passing by the lipstick counter, she tried a glossy red, and knew she was back to her old self again.

Breathlessly, she paused in front of a Picasso, and it crossed her mind that she was in a bit of a cubist mess, just like the painting. Further on, Eadie pondered the white border separating the black and grey of Mark Rothko's famous painting. It was a fence, a wall, an insurmountable barrier. It mirrored her feelings about the future. Yet it seemed that fate had led Mark to her. 

In the crowded cafe, with its spectacular view of Central Park, Eadie and Mark enjoyed too many glasses of Californian wine, accompanied by rich American-style pastries and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. Mark didn't seem to have any appointments, so they whiled away the time chatting about recent adventures. 'Let's go down there' he said eventually, looking out the window, and, arms entwined, they descended. Eadie felt that warm fuzziness of alcohol and knew she should take care. It was so hot in the street.

 Fortunately Central Park was cooler, and they stretched out on the manicured grass. 'Why don't you stay in New York a while?' suggested Mark. How lovely this day was, thought Eadie.

 While dancing away the evening in a jazz club, Eadie waited until Mark made his way through the crowd to the bar, slipped off her heels, and joined the anonymous crowd in the street. Feeling strangely elated, she walked barefoot towards her freedom. 

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