Crashes of thunder filled the studio apartment. It seeped through the cracks in the wall, as lightning illuminated her book in flashes. Eadie was curled in a velvet chair by the window, watching the rain cascade down, her hair dripping from their earlier adventures that day. The wine glasses still sat on the table, one half spilled, turning the table cloth a deep shade of red. It was destined to end this way, she’d known that from the start. A flame that burned too intensely always turned to smoke soon enough.

After weeks spent in the sanctuary of Surrey, falling in love and sharing secrets amongst the peonies, Eadie and Gabriel ventured to Berlin. The bustle and grit of the city was a change from the peace of the countryside - a change that Eadie relished. She hadn’t realised how much she missed this, the freedom that comes with discovering a new place. Every inch of the city was bathed in history. The pair spent their days wandering the various museums and galleries, and the nights in each other’s arms. Eadie hadn’t experienced a connection like this before- so fast, so intense. And while she was completely infatuated with Gabrielle, something about his presence made her feel trapped. She loved flirting under candle light in the backstreets of Berlin, and feeling his hand wrap around her waist while admiring the Brandenburg Gate; but she also hated how dependant on him she had become. She fled to England to find herself, but instead found a handsome stranger. Without realising it, her life had become dedicated to him, when there was still so much she wanted to do. She longed to travel more, to visit the likes of India, Paris and Prague. Gazing into his warm eyes, it was easy to forget this, which is why it had to end.

They walked down the cobblestone streets hand in hand. The sun had long set, and the moon engulfed the laneways in its silver glow. Gabriel planted a soft kiss on her temple, guilt tightened in her chest. Even in the cool night air, he felt warm. Comfortable. Eadie knew she could never live the life she wanted if she stayed, she needed challenge and change to thrive. As they rounded the corner to the apartment, droplets of rain began to fall. Eadie laughed letting the downpour drench her lace dress. She felt free. Gabrielle tugged on her hand, pulling her out of the cold. In that moment, it was clear what she needed to do.

Once upstairs, he headed straight for the shower. Eadie sat at the cosy dining room table, and poured two glasses of wine. The ends of her wet hair drizzled down her back as she waited. She knew she was making the right decision but nerves still knotted her stomach. The sound of running water ceased, letting her know it was time.

‘You know I care for you,’ Eadie spoke, handing her handsome lover a glass, ‘but this isn’t the life I dream of.’

‘I can give you the life you want,’ his brows furrowed, ‘please…’

‘You wouldn’t be happy,’ she began, ‘You love Surrey, you could stay there for the rest of your life, but I can’t come back with you.’ she could see the muscles under the fine fabric of his shirt grow tense. At once he slammed the glass down, red liquid pooling the white table cloth. His hands tangled through his hair as he made his way to the door, slamming it behind him. Eadie let her eyes fall closed. The sounds of the city eased the pain she felt. It was time for a new adventure. 

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