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The past few days in Paris with Victoria had been a welcome distraction for Eadie. The pair filled their time by strolling the tree lined River Siene, and shopping along the Champs Elysées. Between morning lattes and afternoon rosé, there was hardly a second for Eadie’s mind to wander to thoughts of Gabriel. It was only now, turning down the long gravel drive to Marco’s chateau, that she felt a pang of regret in her chest. 

The mansion was beautiful, with quaint white shutters and stone steps. It stood grand amongst manicured lawns and blossoming gardens. The whole scene reminded her of Surrey, and the days she had shared there with Gabriel. 
‘God, do you remember when Marco first bought this place?’ Victoria questioned, shaking Eadie out of her misery. ‘And he enlisted us to help decorate.’

‘What would he do without us?’ She replied with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. 

Soft music and chatter drifted down the path, letting the two know the party had started. Eadie couldn’t help but feel underdressed in her simple linen set, especially next to Victoria who’d seen this evening as an excuse to show off her latest designs. As soon as Eadie stepped through the door she was engulfed in Marco’s arms.

'Eadie! Darling! It’s been too long!’ He exclaimed. At least a year had slipped by since their last get together, but that didn’t matter, they had one of those friendships that would never fade. ‘Tor told me everything,’ he said sympathetically, ‘come on, there are people I want you to meet!’ And with that she was swept into the crowd. 

The night was still young, but Eadie’s head was already starting to spin from the champagne. Marco had introduced her to every eligible bachelor at the party, but she just wasn’t ready to move on quite yet. Eventually she withdrew from the mass of people and retreated to the library. This was always her favourite room in the house. Every wall was lined with books, and the vintage chesterfield couch was filled with luxurious pillows. She remembered finding them at a little Parisian market and bringing them home to Marco’s thrilled face. She could happily spend the rest of her evening hidden away in the comfort this room offered.

As she ran her finger tips along the spines of the worn leather books, Eadie heard footsteps coming up the hall. No doubt Victoria coming to drag her back to party, she thought to herself, pulling one of Marco’s many fashion books off the shelf.
‘Sorry, am I interrupting?’ an unfamiliar voice with a velvety smooth French accent broke the silence. Standing at the door was a striking woman in head to toe black, with blonde locks cascading past her shoulders. Her hazelnut eyes projected an intense curiosity, which caught Eadie off guard. 

‘Oh no, it’s fine!’ said Eadie, suddenly embarrassed at her anti-social behaviour. ‘I should be getting back to everyone anyway…’

‘Marco tells me you practically renovated this whole place by yourself,’ she looked around wistfully, ‘you have a unique style.’
‘Marco tends to exaggerate, but thank you.’ 

‘My name’s Veronica, I own an interior design company and think you’d be the perfect fit for one of our clients.’ Eadie was taken back by this statement. While she’d always loved decorating and design, it had simply been a hobby, never anything more. ‘This is a very unique job. My client is incredibly particular and intensely private. It’s an unusual project, as my client insists on the chosen designer living onsite throughout the project. It’s at least a 3 month stint. Unfortunately, I can’t do it as I have to complete a hotel project in Abu Dhabi that is running 10 weeks behind schedule.” Veronica’s eyes gazed down to her elegant stilettos, she seemed unusually disappointed not to be able to do this job herself. “It’s based in Marakesh. Would 3 months there be a possibility? Money is no object, and I can assure you that you would be extremely comfortable and well looked after while you are there.”

Eadie was unable to process what Veronica had just proposed, 3 months in Morocco residing in a mysterious stranger’s house? Her thoughts must have appeared completely transparent as after a somewhat awkward pause Veronica offered an encouraging smile and said  “Anyway, think about it and give me a call.” Veronica approached Eadie and handed over her card. 

Maybe everything she’d been through over the past months was leading her to here, to this opportunity. Maybe it’s true that when one door closes, another one opens…

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