Artisan Handwoven Hanging Sacks - Natural Jute
Pre order, currently out of stock A part our special Artisan Series - each piece is hand woven with much love by women in a remote Indian Village. The sale of these items enable these beautiful women to financially contribute to their...
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Decorative storage baskets Australia

Our range of Eadie Lifestyle indoor plant baskets and decorative storage baskets are a versatile and boho chic piece for any home.

How to decorate an office on a budget?

The sudden surge in working from home has meant many more of us are now turning spare rooms, nooks and garden sheds into home offices. And since we’re spending so much time in these little home offices, it’s important to make them comfortable and enjoyable to be in – without blowing the budget. 

The most important investments you’ll make are a good chair (a cushion for extra support helps) and a desk at the right height. Then you need to add some decor features. Plants are said to decrease stress, purify air and improve mental wellbeing, so add a few easy-care plants in decorative pot plant holders. Our range can also be used as decorative storage baskets, so pick up a few matching ones. A lovely linen throw to put on your knees in cold weather is a nice touch, too. 

How to decorate the office at work?

If you’re back in an office, there’s no reason you can’t have a few home comforts at your desk. Small decorative pot plant holders filled with succulents are a nice touch, and they require very little care. A framed photo of loved ones will keep your spirits up on long Monday mornings, and a beautiful ceramic cup will make your morning coffee just a little more enjoyable. For comfort, a linen throw can be tucked onto your lap when the air conditioning is a little fierce. 

How to decorate a small bedroom?

If your bedroom doesn’t have a lot of space, the most important decorating tip we can give you is to maximise your storage. Decorative storage baskets in Australia are a popular way to hide toys, laundry, shoes and books if cupboard space is at a premium. Decorative storage baskets you can hang will make use of empty wall space – practical and attractive!

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