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The Desert Luxe Series (Wholesale)

Vast sunsets, Bedouin tents, romantic nostalgia from the incredible Arabic landscape of the Sahara and the romantic sights and scents of Morocco. Eadie was captivated by the beauty and endlessness of the desert.

Earthy tones, rich textures and exquisite rich natural fibres make this a very special series indeed.

Enjoy the journey.

Bedu Cushion - White (WS)

$ 43.00 AUD

Bedu Cushion - Natural (WS)

$ 43.00 AUD

Kilm Cushion - Aztec Blue (WS)

$ 54.50 AUD
Sahara Throw (WS) - Eadie Lifestyle

Sahara Throw (WS)

$ 75.00 AUD
$ 114.95 AUD

Dune Cushion - Desert Rose (WS)

$ 37.00 AUD

Kilm Throw - Aztec Blue (WS)

$ 114.00 AUD

Dune Cushion - Olive (WS)

$ 37.00 AUD

Dune Cushion - Blue (WS)

$ 37.00 AUD

Kilm Throw - Aztec Multi (WS)

$ 114.00 AUD

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