Eadie Lifestyle doesn’t follow trends. We create our own.

Australian label Eadie Lifestyle was founded by Trudie Cox, from her dining table seven years ago. In this short time, the brand has become a favourite amongst retailers and designers alike, who have a keen eye for quality, aesthetic and classic style. The brand is synonymous with timeless elegance & affordable luxury. Eadie Lifestyle seeks to find beauty & comfort in the every day and are passionate about sharing this with you.

Who is Eadie?

“Eadie, the woman, is a character that lives vividly in my imagination. I bring her to life when I design all our ranges. Eadie is an elegant, sophisticated, multi-layered & stylish woman. She moves to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t follow trends, she creates her own. She has a rich life, full of sensory experiences, interesting travels and exciting romance.

Eadie is the inspiration behind our beautiful collections.”

Trudie Cox

Eadie Lifestyle Founder & CEO


With classic silhouettes, rich textures, natural fibres & clean lines, every piece in the collection is proudly unique - just like Eadie, and you, our very special customer. Every colour way developed has been hand dipped by Trudie in India, ensuring the perfect shade. We don’t use stock fabrics, we develop our own fabrics exclusively for Eadie, to our exact standards, specs and thread counts - all natural Euro linens, textural cotton jacquards and exquisite velvet.

Every cushion comes with an Eadie Lifestyle exclusive feather insert. We have perfected the most beautifully comfortable feather insert on the market as we believe the feather insert is as important as the cushion cover itself. Ours is comfortable, malleable and allows our beautiful fabrics just the right amount of movement to really shine.


Every piece in our collection is hand made with love by the most talented Artisans, using both ancient and modern methods of textile creation. We still to this day, work with the same two family run, accredited factories in India, who pride themselves on their amazing quality, company culture, superior staff conditions and best industry standards. They have become our family and they dedicate an exclusive team of tailors, pattern makers and colour masters who work only with us. This amazing collaboration, formed over the last 7 years ensures consistent quality, love and pride in each and every piece created.

Why Eadie Lifestyle?

We are committed to bringing you the finest hand crafted products designed to last for years to come. As a result, we proudly stand by the quality of our products and will guarantee your product for 3 years, against any faults that may occur to it as a result of domestic, day to day use. Please note this product guarantee excludes our clothing range.

We value our relationship with our customers. When you shop with Eadie Lifestyle, you become part of the Eadie family. We love hearing from you, offering our expertise on how to style and care for your pieces. Reach out with any ideas or questions you may have because we want you to love Eadie Lifestyle as much as we do.

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