A Moment with The Mez Club

The Mez Club is one of Byron Bay’s top restaurants and known for beautiful interiors that will transcend you to a Mediterranean dream. Not to mention a menu that has been carefully curated for a grazing or dining experience, featuring the freshest locally sourced seafood, divine European inspired cuisines and the tastiest of cocktails to compliment.
The mez club byron bay restaurant dining area
The Mez Club dining area where our Eadie cushions can be found.

We invite you to try cooking the Confit Potatoes recipe (below), created by the Executive Chef, Dayron Concepcion Perugorria and enjoy a taste of the Mez Club in the comfort of your own home.

Recipe created by Executive Chef, Dayron Concepcion Perugorria.



1 tray medium size washed potatoes 

500 grams duck fat melted

500 grams butter melted

Salt for every layer of potatoes


Slice the potatoes with the skin on in the slicer (thickness of 2.5 or 3) and then place baking paper in the bottom of a tray with holes, put this tray on top of another tray without holes to keep the fat. Add the first layer of potato then add duck fat, butter and salt and keep repeating the same process until you reach a high of 70mm. Then put another baking paper on top and cook in a 160° C oven for 45 minutes to an hour.

After cooking, when it's still warm, take out the top tray where the potatoes are, then place it in the cold room with another tray on top with some weight so it compresses the potato. Save the duck fat and butter that remains in the second tray so that it is used in the next recipe. Once it’s cold enough, take out the potato from the tray and cut the potato into 40mm squares to be able to fry and serve it. 1 portion is 4 little cubes of potato.

Served best with a margarita & enjoyed with your loved ones.

the mez club byron bay confit potato recipe

The confit potatoes served at The Mez Club.


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