As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have proudly partnered with AirRobe to share a new way for us all to contribute to the future of fashion with a conscious wardrobe. We design our clothing to be timeless and long lasting, but now you can extend the life of your Eadie even further by re-selling or renting your peices back into the circular economy after you've worn and loved them.

Keeping fashion in circulation creates a positive impact on our planet and natural ecosystems. This is the easiest way for you to re-purpose your purchases and feel good knowing you're joining the Circular Fashion Movement with us.

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1. When adding an item to cart, tap " Add To Your AirRobe." You can also add items to your AirRobe at checkout.

2. At checkout you can activate your AirRobe account, or log in of you have created one previously. Your items, and all descriptions and images, will appear in your your personal AirRobe Circular Wardrobe.

3. Once you feel ready to re-sell, rent or recycle items, simply add them to the AirRobe marketplace. You can track your carbon emissions and money earned with your Circular Wardrobe.

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Our apparel is crafted from the finest European Linen that is individually stitched and piece washed. As a natural fibre it will keep you cool in summer and warm on cool nights and only gets softer with use.

The European linen is woven to our exact specs and thread counts and designed to last. Most pieces are garment dyed in colours unique to Eadie resulting in a rich, intense all over colour. Cheaper versions usually contain linen flax from China, that doesn’t stand the test of time the way your Eadie linen will.

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