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Natural linen and cottons pants are the perfect Australian summer staple. At Eadie Lifestyle, we have an extensive selection of luxurious linen and cottons pants for women in everything from a tailored fit to culottes and wide-leg pants, in a range of flattering colours. Why not style your linen and cotton pants with a crisp white linen shirt for an all year appropriate outfit selection? 

What type of shirt to wear with Eadie pants?
  • Avoid boxy tops. Most linen pants for women come in looser fits, so a similarly shapeless top can make you seem bigger than you are. 
  • Try a crop. You don’t have to bare your midriff, but a top that cuts off at, or just below, the waist will help give your body shape.
  • A fitted cotton T-shirt with a V or scoop neck keeps your outfit casual yet still flattering. 
  • If you’re at the beach or beside the pool, wear your bikini or one-piece as a top with your white linen pants for a Hamptons vibe.  
  • Silk goes well with linen for fancier occasions.
  • Embrace linen on linen with a linen top, but opt for a more tailored linen shirt
What to wear with wide leg linen pants?

Follow the advice above and wear tops that are fitted, cropped or tailored with your wide leg linen pants. Then accessorise with pieces that add to the feeling of relaxed luxury. A low heel helps to combat the length many wide leg pants have, and helps to make your legs look longer. A clutch or bag in a natural fabric like cotton or straw pairs well; one in a contrasting colour will add interest to your outfit. 

How to clean white linen pants 

White linen pants can be washed in your machine, but always double-check the washing instructions – some items will need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Separate your linen clothing from other fabrics and by colours – do not wash white linen pants with anything dark. If your linen pants have obvious marks, spot treat with a gentle product – at a pinch, a baking soda paste or some dish liquid will work, never use bleach. Set your machine to a lukewarm, handwash cycle and use a gentle, high-quality detergent. 

Explore the range of linen pants for women at Eadie Lifestyle and find the perfect pair for you.