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The ultimate linen robe

A luxurious linen dressing gown is a perfect year-round addition to your linen loungewear wardrobe. The unique make-up of the flax fibre means linen is ultra breathable, wicks away sweat and offers good insulation, making it ideal for both summer and winter. At Eadie Lifestyle, we have a wide selection of 100 per cent European linen robes, meaning you’re sure to find the long linen dressing gown for you. 

How to wear a dressing gown?

Obviously, the main purpose of a linen dressing gown is comfort but there’s no reason your loungewear can’t also be stylish. A long linen dressing gown looks inherently chic when worn over a slip, preferably in silk or linen, though cotton can be just as good. Keep the slip shorter than the robe so you can’t see the hem when the robe is tied shut. Another sweet option is a linen two-piece pajama set in a colour that complements the robe.

How to wash a dressing gown?

Your long linen dressing gown can be washed with your linen pajamas in your machine on a cold gentle cycle (just to be safe, always double-check the washing instructions – some items will need to be hand washed). Separate your linen clothing from other fabrics and by colours – do not wash white linen with anything dark. Don’t overfill your washing machine and use a gentle detergent, never bleach. 

Where to buy a dressing gown?

Eadie Lifestyle has the most luxurious range of linen sleep and loungewear in Australia, as well as bath towels, so you’ll find your perfect linen robe here. We believe in using the highest quality materials available for our clothing and homewares, so everything in our linen dressing gown range is 100 per cent European linen. Explore our online store, and get in touch if you have any questions.