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Women's Linen Clothing at Eadie Lifestyle

Linen clothing in Australia is the perfect blend of form and function, with relaxed luxury that’s breathable and practical for our warmer weather. Our collection of linen clothing for women at Eadie Lifestyle is made from 100% European linen crafted by talented artisans in India. Every piece is timelessly elegant yet modern in design. Explore our range of ladies' linen clothing and find your new wardrobe essentials - and all the accessories too. Choose from popular linen dresseslinen tops and match with your favourite linen pants at Eadie Lifestyle. 

Does Our Linen Clothing Shrink?

Yes, linen will shrink if you are not careful. And once it has shrunk, it’s most likely irreparable. The biggest culprits in linen shrinkage are washing in hot water and using the dryer on high heat. But not all our ladies' linen clothes will shrink the same, in fact, 3-4% shrinkage is normal, but some linen can shrink up to 10%. To avoid linen clothing from shrinking, look for linen clothing for women that have been pre-shrunk, and always wash on cold then line dry.

Does Women's Linen Clothes Stretch?

Linen clothing does not stretch. Linen is a very durable fabric and is hard wearing when used for clothing. However, due to its low elasticity, the fibres will break down if the fabric is folded or ironed in the same spot repeatedly. 

How Do You Wash Ladies' Linen Clothing?

Linen clothing can be machine washed but always double-check the garment’s washing instructions before putting it in the machine – some items will need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Separate your linen clothes from other fabrics and separate them by colour. Set your machine to a cold, lukewarm, gentle cycle, and don’t overfill the drum. Use a gentle, high-quality detergent and never use bleach. Line dry your linen clothes if possible, but if you must use a dryer, set it as low as possible and finish on a clothes rack. 

All our women's linen clothing is made of the highest-quality handmade linen. Update your wardrobe with Eadie Lifestyle with pieces you love today.