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Eadie Lifestyle: Women’s clothing boutique

To finish your look, why not add some thoughtful accessories? We’ve got a selection of linen scarves, bags and belts to add polish and colour to every outfit. Shop women’s accessories in our online women’s clothing boutique and find something you love.

How to keep linen from wrinkling?

You need to accept that linen is going to wrinkle, that’s part of its charm, so don’t leave the house expecting to look freshly pressed all day. However, to start the day off with fewer wrinkles you can try these things:

  • Hanging garments on a hanger to dry as soon as the washing machine cycle is done.
  • Ironing from wet – it’s much harder to get wrinkles out of linen that’s dry. If it is dry, spritz generously with water. 
  • Steaming with a garment steamer. If you have one of these, it will be a linen lifesaver!

Must-have accessories for women

  • A go-everywhere bag, the kind that takes you from work to the bar. Not too big, not too small. 
  • Favourite jewellery. Whether you prefer dainty heirloom pieces or statement makers, you should have at least one piece you love. 
  • A good belt to hold your jeans in place or add shape to a loose linen outfit.
  • A hat and sunglasses. Sun protection and style in one!
  • A versatile linen scarf to add colour, cover your hair, accessorise a bag, keep warm… 

How to choose accessories for clothes?

If you feel overwhelmed by accessory options, start by choosing just one statement piece for your outfit. An eye-catching bag, a bright scarf or big earrings are a good start. You can then layer on more subtle accessories. Use accessories to add colour, but choose ones in a palette that complements your outfit. And decide whether you’re wanting to elevate or pare back your clothes – sparkly women’s neckwear accessories like necklaces give an outfit a boost, while a neutral-toned scarf can take a black jumpsuit to the office. 

Explore our online women’s clothing boutique and shop women’s accessories and other outfit extras.