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Your perfect linen shirt

You can never have too many linen shirts. A white linen shirt, or in whichever colour you prefer, will be your summer go-to for work, lounging and play. All our luxe linen shirts for women are made from 100 per cent high quality European linen for maximum comfort, durability and style, however you choose to wear them. 

How to wash a linen shirt in the washing machine?

  • First, always double-check the garment’s washing instructions before putting it in the machine – some items will need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. 
  • Separate linen clothing from other fabrics and separate into light and dark. 
  • Set your machine to a cold to lukewarm, gentle cycle and don’t overfill the drum. 
  • Use a gentle, high-quality detergent and never use bleach. 
  • Hang your dress on a coat hanger as soon as the cycle finishes and dry it on the line. 

How to style a linen shirt?

A linen shirt offers a Hamptons-chic vibe, so style accordingly. Pair them with linen pants or linen shorts, or in an equally relaxed fabric: cotton and denim are also good. Look for casual accessories like a velvet purse, slides and a straw hat; for dressier occasions add tasteful jewellery – skip the ropes of diamonds. If your white linen shirt has a relaxed fit, make sure your pants are more tailored, or at least, tuck in the shirt so you can see the waistband.

Do you tuck in linen shirts?

Yes, you absolutely can tuck in your linen shirt (though, of course, you don’t have to). A popular look for linen shirts for women is the nonchalant French tuck, where you tuck one of the front panels loosely into your waistband for a hint of silhouette. For a neater look that will take you to the office or lunch, tuck your shirt in all the way around, but be sure to pull some of the fabric up so there’s at least a little overhang. 

Explore the Eadie Lifestyle range of luxurious linen shirts for women and find the perfect one for your life.