All filled Eadie cushions come with our exclusive plump 100% feather filled insert designed to be the most comfortable insert on the market. We advise going up a size in your insert to create a fuller, more plump cushion. We offer this for our regular cushion covers sized 40x60cm, 50x50cm and 60x60cm.

What makes our feather cushion inserts so special?

Comfort & Softness

The exceptional softness and comfort of feather adds a touch of luxury, ideal for unwinding.

All-Season Versatility

Perfect for any season; in winter, feather inserts trap heat to keep you warm, while in summer, their breathability helps keep you cool.

Adjustable Support

The fluffiness of feather cushions can be easily adjusted to meet individual comfort needs.


Feather inserts are durable and capable of retaining their shape and comfort level for long periods.

Environmental Consideration

Our feather cushion inserts are crafted from natural, sustainably sourced materials, they represent an eco-conscious choice.

Request an Insert

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