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Bedroom decoration and sleepwear

Your home is your castle and your bedroom is your sanctuary, so kit it out with the most luxurious bedroom accessories. From stylish storage solutions to sweet linen robes, find your dream bedroom accessories online at Eadie Lifestyle. 

How to decorate a bedroom?

The number one suggestion is to keep the bedroom simple. You know what they say about your mind mirroring your environment? If your environment at bedtime is calm, you’ll find it easier to fall asleep. Choose soothing colours instead of wild wallpapers, keep surfaces clear and choose furniture with hidden storage like a wardrobe with doors, rather than a clothes rack, and a bedside table with a door. 

How to decorate a master bedroom?

Stick to the “keep it simple” rule, but your master bedroom should also be a place that makes you happy. 

Choose colours you love for bedroom decoration, but keep in mind that your bedroom should be a peaceful place so you might want toned-down versions of your favourite colours (think blush instead of fuschia or pumpkin instead of tangerine). 

Invest in luxurious soft bed linens and bedroom accessories in a complementary palette – treat yourself, you’ll spend eight hours a day on these sheets!

Bedroom decoration such as art should be personal, something you’ll enjoy waking up to.

If you have space, you might like to give yourself a little nook, like a reading chair with a soft throw on it. 

Upgrade the curtains – lined linen is thick enough to keep out light while you’re sleeping, but still gives the room a soft, cosy feeling. 

Get lamps. Make sure the ceiling light is the warmest bulb you can get, but you’ll also want smaller lamps for soft evening lighting. 

Where to buy bedroom decor?

Eadie Lifestyle has the most indulgent and relaxing range of bedroom accessories online. With everything from bedding to sleep masks, you’ll find everything you need to turn your bedroom into an oasis.