Collection: Linen Scarves

 Scarves at Eadie Lifestyle

A linen scarf is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Use it to warm your neck, cover cleavage, protect hair, add colour to an outfit… The possibilities are endless. 
How to wear a scarf?

To wear scarves in winter, pair with long-sleeved tops, jackets and coats, and wrap around your neck as many times as possible to keep the chill at bay. Look for a dark or black linen scarf to match the heavier fabrics you’re wearing. In summer, you can wear a pale coloured linen scarf with your light summer dresses to protect your bare shoulders or head from the sun, or just to add a pop of extra colour to an outfit.  

How to wear a linen scarf?
  • Wrap it around your neck for warmth or to add an accent to your outfit.
  • Drape it around your shoulders like a light pashmina – remember linen is a great insulator!
  • Take scarves to the beach to wear as wrap skirts or sarongs. 
  • Tie your hair up in it as a bandanna or head wrap. 
How to wear a large scarf?
  • Loop the scarf around your neck once so the ends hang at the front, then loosen the loop for a drape effect.
  • Fold the scarf in half diagonally and lightly twist it into a rope. Loop the scarf around and around your neck and tie a knot at the ends, then hide the knot under the scarf.
  • Drape your scarf around your neck with lengths at the front, then tie them in a low, loose knot to one side of your chest.
  • Fold your linen scarf in half diagonally, then place it on your chest, corner pointing down. Loop the other corners around your neck back to the front, then tie them in a knot under the rest of the scarf. 

The beautiful scarves at Eadie Lifestyle are crafted in 100 per cent European linen; explore the range and find the perfect one for you.