Hand Woven Cushions & Throws

The beauty of our hand woven cushions, throws and bed covers comes from their rustic, textural charm.

Crafted by our Artisans in India using the ancient art of hand looming.

The hand made nature of our Bedouin and Rustica linen range means each and every piece in the collection is slightly different, only adding to its unique, luxurious look and feel.


The art of hand looming dates back to the 13th century. In a wooden vertical shaft loom, the heddles are fixed in place in the shaft. The warp threads pass alternately through a heddle, and through a space between the heddles , so that raising the shaft raises half the threads, and lowering the shaft lowers the same threads and the threads passing through the spaces between the heddles remain in place. This careful, considered and culturally significant technique is used to create each and every one of our hand woven linen pieces.


Produced in small quantities, hand looming has a smaller carbon footprint than other manufacturing processes. Linen is also a long lasting, durable fibre that only gets better with time.

We work with a small group of talented artisans in India, keeping this environmentally friendly craft alive. This also enables them to contribute positively to their local economy.


Our Hand Woven Cushions, Throws and Bed Covers are crafted from the finest quality linen. Each and every piece is hand made with love and care. The hand looming technique creates slight variations to colour and texture which only adds to their beauty.