Diwali with our Design Team

Our Founder & Creative Director Trudie alongside Eliza, our talented Design & Development Manager ventured to India for a trip to visit our suppliers and our very own Eadie factory. The dynamic duo were fortunate enough to visit at a time that coincided with India celebrating an integral part of their culture, Diwali. Celebrated according to the lunar calendar, Diwali is spiritually known as the “festival of lights”, commonly celebrated with lots of colour and lighting thousands of lamps to symbolise light over darkness. The term Diwali comes from the Sanskrit term, Deepavali, which means row of lights. 
Design team in India celebrating Diwali with our staff and their children
Eadie design team win India celebrating Diwali with our staff and their children.

Trudie & Eliza stayed outside of Delhi where Diwali is considered the beginning of a new year and the central theme is worshipping Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It was an unforgettable experience for them to have the opportunity to connect with Sahil (the founder of our Eadie factory), his family and our staff at the factory during a festival that brings good luck and fortune.
Eadie Founder and the Founder of our Factory, Sahil in India celebrating Diwali
Founder & creative Director Trudie with the Founder of our Eadie Factory, Sahil and his family.

Everyone comes together during this period and is often celebrated by eating lavish meals, exchanging gifts and spreading light. Trudie, alongside Sahil took time during the celebration and gifted the whole team Diwali gifts as a thank you for all of their hard work and efforts they put in for Eadie. Eadie Lifestyle simply would not be what it is today without them!
Trudie and Sahil celebrating Diwali in India
Trudie and Sahil celebrating Diwali festival.