How to create a sustainable and stylish Christmas Table

There’s no doubt a well dressed table sets the tone for any event, but at Christmas the festive feels are even more important. Michael Bublé carols may be filling the air and the Christmas Tree lights glowing, but if your table is decorated with plastic ornaments and bon bons destined for landfill, that’s going to bring the joyous mood down a notch. So we’ve created the ultimate sustainable yet stylish Christmas Table that will delight your guests – and be kind to the planet - this festive season.

Keep it fresh

Take a visit to the local Farmer’s Market for seasonal produce and flowers to create a vibrant tablescape. Celebrate the Australian Summer and pair fresh papaya, pink grapefruit, berries and more with Leyland Cypress branches for a festive look. Combine flowers in golden hues for a truly joyous vibe that will make the table sing.

Get creative

This season, we’ve made our own bon bons for guest to unwrap. We find the size of our Tea Towels works perfectly and best of all every material is reusable or recyclable. 

Follow these easy steps;

  1. Cut a piece of thick paper to 20x20cm and roll up.
  2. Fold a tea towel in half then wrap over the paper.
  3. Cut two pieces of twine or ribbon to 20cm lengths and tie on each end to secure.

You could also add small gift inside each bon bon to surprise and delight your guests!

Choose quality

Invest in quality linen napkins, tablecloths, plates and glassware that will last for many years to come. Our Summer Fruit Plate Collection and Ribbed Glassware elevate any table with their exquisite and unique designs.




Sustainable & Stylish Christmas Tablescape