The Block Room Reveals - WFH Space.

Post-pandemic has proven just how vital a highly functioning and calm work from home space is in 2023. With their latest room reveals, the Blockheads have shown us just how it should be done.

teph and Gian blew us away again, their on point styling carried through from last week and the judges thought so too. Taking another win, the couple’s double desk room demonstrated the multi-faceted needs of a work, relax and extra guest space all in one. The ‘slick’ space was enhanced with our Petra cushion and matching throw - already a best seller - that’s now winning over the hearts of Australia too.

The Block 2023 Work From Home Space, Steph and Gian's room reveal featuring our neutral linen petra cushion and throw with hints of rustic charm and an earthy palette

Steph and Gian’s WFH room featuring the Petra cushion and throw.


Continuing a very neutral palette throughout their home, couple Kyle and Leslie placed second with what the judges coined as “selling the dream.” We admire the less is more look but if we had to critique we would have opted for a few more storage options in this space and perhaps a more suitable desk chair. Overall, the look and feel of this room dripping in natural light is beautiful.


The Block 2023, Kyle and Leslie's work from home space is light and bright, with a consistent neutral palette

Kyle and Leslie’s WFH room.


Couple Kristy and Brett came in at third place after the judges thought they took the brief too literally and created a corporate office. We must disagree with them here as it pushes the limits of what a work from home space can mean. They’ve created a space where actual meetings could take place and company was more than welcomed. We love this room and if it were our office everyday, we wouldn’t complain!


The block 2023, Kristy and Brett's work from home space was large and practical for meetings and again a neutral palette

Kristy and Bretts WFH room.


Tying in last place was couple Leah and Ash with duo Eliza and Liberty, polar opposite spaces but placing we can agree on. Leah and Ash’s room feels far too dark and moody to be a space for everyday work and another opportunity missed for a guest bedroom could be a big mistake for the pair.


The Block 2023, Leah and Ash's work from home space is dark and moody featuring teal walls and emerald rugs and a marble fireplace

Leah and Ash’s WFH room.


On the opposite end of this, Eliza and Liberty trickled too far down the guest bedroom route and veered off from the WFH space they needed to deliver for a win. We admired the riskful contrasting tones of the room tied together with our Marco throw though.


The Block 2023, Eliza and Liberty's work from home room featured as another guest bedroom with more space for a bed than a desk and contrasting pink and blue hues
Eliza and Liberty’s WFH room featuring our Marco Throw.

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