I've been relaxing in my linen tie front jumpsuit and thinking about the reasons for linen's popularity. Why do we love linen? The reasons are many… 

Linen is bright and beautiful
Linen looks bright and drapes beautifully. In the Bible, it's said that angels wore 'pure bright linen with gold sashes'. That's why Eadie's clothing, cushions and throws are so appealing. Most pieces are garment dyed resulting in a rich, intense colour all over that lasts. Linen’s softness is not affected by heat and sunlight like other fabrics.
Cool in summer and warm in winter
Did you know that linen is a self regulating fibre and feels cool in summer and warm in winter? It is naturally absorbent, and it 'breathes', making it more comfortable than other fibres. You can wear linen all year round. I certainly do!
A symbol of wealth and opulence 
Linen symbolises wealth and opulence. The highest quality flax, from which linen is made, is grown in Europe. All Eadie Lifestyle linen is sourced from 100% European grown flax and designed to soften and strengthen with each wash. European flax is far superior to the cheaper Chinese versions, which won’t wash and wear as well, nor last as long. Linen should be considered an investment purchase, it's not easy to grow. Linen is definitely not a throw away fabric. It was even used as currency in ancient Egypt.
Linen has health benefits
I always feel cool, calm and relaxed in my luxe linen. A fabric that is good for your health: easing stress, soothing allergies and skin conditions. Plus it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature in any climate. The benefits truly are endless!
Linen is strong and will only get stronger and softer over time and with use. Good quality linen should last a lifetime. That's just one of the reasons the Egyptians used linen to wrap mummies. They knew that good quality linen honoured the dead and prepared them for the next life.
Linen is a natural gift from Mother Nature that has stood the test of time over centuries. Nurture your skin and adorn it with Linen.
Eadie xx