Artisan Ottoman Cover
$ 179.95 AUD
Artisan Ottoman Cover
Pre order for August delivery  A new addition to our special "Artisan Series" - each piece in this series is hand woven with a lot of love from Women in a remote Indian Village. The sale of these items enable these...
$ 179.95 AUD
Artisan Handwoven Hanging Sacks - Natural Jute
Pre order, currently out of stock A part our special Artisan Series - each piece is hand woven with much love by women in a remote Indian Village. The sale of these items enable these beautiful women to financially contribute to their...
$ 159.95 AUD

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 If you’re looking for a selection of pieces you can use to update your own rustic home decor style, Eadie Lifestyle offers home decor Afterpay. Home decor Afterpay for style today

At Eadie Lifestyle, we believe that your home is your sanctuary, so your decor should reflect your unique, beautiful personality. Our collection of chic and rustic home decor essentials is some of the finest boho home decor Australia, and it will help you create the perfect home. 

How to choose home decor style?

If you aren’t sure what your own personal home decor style is, do a bit of research before you embark on a major redecorating spree. 

Using Pinterest to create a moodboard is a great way to spot trends in what you like. Choose a handful of pictures you think look great and see what the common elements are. Is there one colour that comes up repeatedly? Are the pictures of minimalist rooms or are they maximalist? Are you seeing lots of silks and velvets, or is it more cotton and linen? 

Another way to define your style is to look in your wardrobe. You probably update your clothing more often than your home, so your wardrobe is likely to give you a good idea of what your current style is.

How to decorate your bedroom?

Keep your bedroom simple – it’s supposed to be a place of calm – so use good storage to avoid clutter. For the same reason, look for colours you find soothing. Then invest in luxurious soft bed linens, curtains and bedroom accessories in a complementary palette – treat yourself, you’ll spend eight hours a day on these sheets! And get lamps, for soft evening light. 

What is trending in home decor?

Home decor trends come and go very quickly, and it can be expensive to try to keep up! A solution is to keep your base decor fairly neutral and update smaller pieces of home accessories season to season. Create a boho home decor australia look with a few new linen cushions, or follow a luxe trend with a set of velvet cushions. And remember, just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you have to love it. 

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