Allegria Inspiration - Chapter Three

Eadie stirred from her peaceful sleep, the sunlight caressing her eyelids and lips. The warmth of the morning sun stirred her senses. Eadie had slept so soundly. One of those sleeps where there is no disturbance, just peace and recharge. They were few and far between for Eadie, but she relished the feeling and tried to cling to it tightly.

She had deliberately left the curtains drawn open the night before. She wanted to be greeted by the magic pantones of aqua, turquoise, and rich, deep blue as the sun rose and touched light on the ocean before her. Her eyes were still syncing with the rising sun, and she rubbed them gently. She was seduced by the intoxicating Amalfi sunrise. It felt like a magic tonic that eased her into a state of calmness and longing.

As she became lucid, Eadie remembered why she was here, and suddenly her stomach churned. Today she would meet Camille. She wondered if Camille was as nervous as she was now feeling.

As she lay in her impossibly large, comfortable bed, with exquisite linen sheets, Eadie considered her choice of outfit for today. She had already selected what she was going to wear when she first received Camille’s letter weeks ago. Eadie’s choice felt instinctive and had required no conscious thought. She contemplated in this very moment however, if the choice was also a way for Eadie to provide herself armour. Was it her “go to look” that gave her a sense of security and protection? What people in her broad circles had come to expect? Eadie was always in control of her situation, and her wardrobe bellied this feeling; unexpected, unconventional, impossibly elegant, and always timeless. She felt good about her choice. She always trusted her instincts. She knew how to project herself through her physical presentation. It was her creative outlet…her fun.

This was the first time in a very long time, she felt emotionally vulnerable and at the hands of another’s caretaking.

Not that she thought for a moment, what she wore today would have any bearing on what lay ahead for them both and their relationship. Eadie realised she had a deep seeded desire to be accepted and admired by Camille. It ironically felt that by gaining Camille’s approval, she would re-engage her father’s devotion and acceptance also.

After a few hours laying with her thoughts, Eadie got out of bed, and with coffee poured, abandoned her feelings of vulnerability, and quickly jumped into logical thinking. She remembered she was here out of curiosity, not obligation. She reclaimed her sense of ownership in this situation. She didn’t have to “be” anyone for anyone! She was her own woman and not even the news of Camille and her Father’s secret life could sway her stance.

“Eadie, stay focussed. Be curious. Don’t give yourself away easily. Remember…Mystery!”, she said to herself.

She felt like a child. She hadn’t had this kind of self-dialogue since she was 12. Her parents early passing had forced her to grow into womanhood prematurely.

Eadie stood under a chilled shower, the cold water always gave her clarity and command of her thoughts. She dried herself and changed into her outfit. A crisp white pair of linen pants and a matching loose-fitting blazer. She loved the strength she felt when she dressed in a monochromatic suit. This was one of her favourites. It was chic, summery and made her feel powerfully feminine. She tied her straight dark hair back into a loose knot, applied minimal makeup, just a swish of gloss, mascara, and a spray of perfume. Eadie cast a final glance in the mirror on her way out of her room. She looked and felt confident. She was ready.

Camille had suggested they meet at Terrazza Belverdere at midday, a casual dining spot within the hotel, with an outdoor terrace overlooking the coastline. Eadie arrived 15 minutes early and chose a table for 4 at the far end of the terrace overlooking the water. She was the only person there, but liked the privacy and space this table offered, as the café no doubt would soon get busy with lunchtime patrons.

She removed her blazer, placed it on the back of her chair, and put her sunglasses on. The sun was intense, and she raised her face to receive the warmth. She ordered a shakerato (sweetened espresso served with ice) and distracted herself with the magnificent vista before her.

Eadie heard the laughter and squealing of a little girl approaching, “Come Mama, I’m racing you and I’m going to win!”. The joy in the child’s voice sounded so innocent and pure. At that point the little girl appeared from behind the entrance wall and ran onto the terrace, twirling and jumping and looking back for her Mother, who was obviously losing the race.

The little girl had strawberry blonde hair, that was long and wavy, and glistened like gold in the sun’s rays. She looked no more than 5 years old and was wearing a white sun dress and pale pink sandals. Her cheeks were rosy and she seemed in a joyful world of her own as she jumped over the cracks in the pavers.

As Eadie studied her, the little girl looked up and around, and caught sight of Eadie. She stopped jumping and stood still staring back at Eadie, tilting her head slightly as she smiled and gave Eadie an eager wave. Eadie gave a wave back and smiled again.

After a few seconds a woman appeared and scooped the little girl in her arms and said “Bravo Gidget! You beat Mama. You are too fast for me darling.” The woman twirled the little girl around and held her close. Eadie could see the little girl whisper something into her mother’s ear. The woman stopped, still holding her daughter, and turned to face Eadie. She smiled and made her way over to Eadie’s table.

Eadie recognised the beautiful woman instantly. Eadie had admired her yesterday, sitting alone on the terrace with beautiful long auburn hair, sipping on red wine.

The woman walked eagerly to Eadie, still holding the little girl in one arm, her other arm outstretched to shake Eadie’s.

“Hello! You must be Eadie. I am Camille, and this is my daughter Gidget. It is so wonderful to meet you”.

Eadie took Camille’s free hand in both of hers and held it warmly. The little girl, Gidget, was smiling broadly and she rested her head on her Mother’s shoulder, not once taking her eyes off Eadie.

“Camille, I am so happy to meet you, and Gidget, what a beautiful girl you are! You look so much like your mother”.

Eadie surprisingly, felt instantly at ease. Camille and Gidget had a beautiful energy and presence. It was heartfelt, open and so carefree. The adoration Camille and Gidget had for each other was obvious. Eadie felt their warmth immediately.

“Shall we take a seat? I got here early before the crowds and chose this table for us. Is this OK?” 

“This is perfect Eadie, thank you”.

Camille helped Gidget into the seat next to her and then sat directly opposite Eadie. Camille reached for Eadie’s hands and smiled at her fondly.

“I am so glad you came. I know my letter mustn’t have been easy to read. We have so much to talk about and share”. 

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