Allegria Inspiration - Chapter Two

Eadie was nervously tapping the leather of the back seat, as her car made its way up the majestic clifftop to Palazzo Avino. The road was narrow and winding. Barely able to accommodate a single car heading in one direction, much less than 2 cars heading in opposite directions. The drive wasn’t for the faint hearted.

Eadie had flown from Paris to Naples, and she booked the same driver she had used in that area, for almost 12 years now. She was comfortable with Marco. There was familiarity, but also privacy. He never extended the conversation beyond the professional boundaries. He respected her space and lack of conversation, which gave Eadie time to contemplate and mentally prepare for her meeting with Camille.

Eadie had arrived a day earlier than Camille’s arrival. She wanted to feel accustomed to the hotel, so the meeting would feel like it was more on her terms, than that of Camille’s. Eadie wasn’t used to being caught off guard like this. She was used to being in control and regulating her emotions. But this situation tugged at an internal place Eadie hadn’t felt before. So many feelings swam around in her mind, deceit, betrayal, love, curiosity, excitement, shame. She wondered what her mother would have advised her to do, if she was still alive. Would she have suggested her to meet with Camille? Did her mother even know about Camille and Camille’s Mother, who was obviously, at the very least, Eadie’s Father’s mistress.

There were so many questions, so much she felt she needed to know, and deserved to know! It felt like Camille was an intrusion in what she had thought was an idealistic childhood and upbringing. Eadie was 12 when her parents were killed. Prior to becoming an orphan, Eadie only had beautiful, wonderful memories of her life with her parents. They had always seemed so in love. But she realised that that was a 12-year-old girls’ memory, and 12 year old girls can be very naïve.

Marco stopped the car at the circular front entrance of the hotel. Suited men opened the car door eagerly and greeted Eadie in a friendly and welcoming manner, which immediately put her at ease.

Bonjourno Ms. Eadie and welcome to our beautiful Hotel. Come stai?

Eadie smiled and politely responded 

Sto bene. E tu?

Eadie checked in to the hotel and declined the complimentary Hotel tour. She had stayed here once before, although many years ago. She just wanted to get to her room and spend time with her thoughts. It was 2pm and she thought she may venture to the terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast and write a few notes to herself, acknowledging how she was feeling. She wanted an early night. A light early supper and a good sleep would help her to prepare for Camille’s arrival tomorrow at midday.

Eadie arrived to her room and felt happy. It was drenched in sunlight and overlooked the turquoise waters of the coast. She opened all the French doors that led out to a small, narrow balcony that ran the length of the room. She could see yachts and speedboats that looked like dots from this distance. The water was glistening, and the sun was intense. She loved feeling the heat of the coastal sun on her neck and arms. It had been more than a year since she had been to the coast. She inhaled the scents of lemon and hibiscus and soaked in the magic of the Amalfi Coast. Although she had travelled to many beautiful places, this coastline remained her favourite. It was stylish, relaxing and so beautifully scenic. It really was her favourite summertime destination.

After a quick unpack of her belongings, she decided to head to the terrace for a light, early supper. She ordered the squid and a crisp Chablis, which were both fresh and delicious, but what she was really waiting for was the lemon angel cake. When it arrived, It was presented on a beautiful ceramic plate, locally made in Ravello, with a blue and yellow, Mediterranean design. The plate was garnished with beautiful pink flowers. The delicate cake (a masterpiece) was so light, velvety and decadent, it seductively tiptoed across Eadie’s tastebuds. It was a staple in Ravello, but Palazzo Avino was renowned for their recipe. A tightly held secret that had been handed down by generations of the family of the owner of the property. It was the best she had eaten.

Eadie noticed the property to be quiet for this time of year. Usually in early July, the hotels on the Amalfi Coast are bustling. But today, there seemed to be few people around. It felt quiet and serene. She liked it this way.

Out of the corner of her eye Eadie noticed a woman that seemed at peace. She looked content and very beautiful. She was wearing a sage green and navy blue resort dress that set off her auburn curly hair beautifully. She was fair skinned and had rose kissed cheeks and enchanting blue eyes. She too, was sitting alone on the terrace. She was drinking a glass of red wine, with ice cubes, and nibbling at some cheese. 

As Eadie got up to leave and go back to her room, she passed the woman and smiled. The woman smiled back at her, with radiance. She was alive! She liked this woman’s style. She could tell that she appreciated beauty, was content in her own skin and liked her own company.

She wondered if Camille might be someone whom Eadie could relate to, admire? She decided that her angst about tomorrow’s meeting with Camille was not doing anything productive for her sleep. Eadie returned to her room, poured a small whiskey on ice, turned off the lights and let the moonlight envelope her. All the while, her trepidation for  tomorrow’s meeting with Camille, tormented Eadie.

Life as both her and Camille had known it, had already changed.

What will it all mean? Eadie asked herself as she fell asleep to the reflections of the moon.

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