Our European linen is woven to our exact specs and thread counts and has a gsm count of 160, a beautiful weight in which to have a comfortable sleep in summer or winter. Your Eadie linen is an investment piece, crafted from the finest quality linen made last. Cheaper versions usually contain linen flax from China, that doesn’t stand the test of time.



All our linen bedding has been pre washed so it is soft enough for you to enjoy it straight away.

Our exclusive linen is made from the finest 100% European linen that is individually stitched and piece washed. With use, you'll find it becomes only better and softer.


For the best results, use a liquid detergent and wash either on their own or with similar colours. Be sure to have the cycle set to a warm or cool temperature rather than hot.

In the warmer weather, we recommend drying on the line in the shade. Give your linen pieces a quick shake before hanging to help remove creases.

To maximise softness, pop them in the dryer for the last 5-10 minutes on a medium temperature. In the cooler weather, our linen bedding can be popped in the dryer on a warm setting.

As an option, when almost dry (around 80%) remove and hang them to finish drying indoors.

If after washing you decide to iron any our pieces, just turn them inside out first.


Make sure all linen is completely dry before going into your wardrobe or cupboard.

If you are planning to store your linen bedding away for a season or more, the Eadie linen bag provided or a vacuum sealed bag are ideal ways to preserve its quality.


We have the finest quality linen made up of a fibre that is grown from the stems of the flax plant in a long and detailed process.

It begins with the initial planting of the flax seed, to harvesting, spinning, and reeling. Finally the linen is dried ready to be hand sewn into Eadie quilt covers, sheets and pillowcases.


Whilst other linen bedding may experience some shrinkage, here at Eadie Lifestyle we individually pre wash all our bed linen so you won't experience shrinking.


Every Eadie piece is made with love and care and we hope they bring a little happiness into your life.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you at sales@eadielifestyle.com.au


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