How To Host The Perfect Easter Celebration

Sorry Christmas, but we've decided Easter is quite possibly our favourite time of year. "Why?" we hear you asking. The reasons are many. Firstly, we eat chocolate and hot cross buns completely guilt free. However there's also a relaxed vibe to Easter that we don't see during the festive season. Instead of madly shopping for presents and attending Christmas parties, Easter is a time to rest, reset and catch up with loved ones without the expectation you'll cook a turkey to perfection. So with all this mind, we're sharing our tips on how to host the perfect Easter celebration that is fun, stylish and doesn't stress you out.


Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs takes us back to childhood memories of dyeing and painting them for Easter. If you're keen to make these memories with your own children, these easy DIY tips are really helpful. If like us, you just don't have the time this year, you can recreate the look with these coloured eggs.

Hot Cross Buns

Is it even Easter if you don't have Hot Cross Buns? Thankfully they make appearance in the supermarket by January, so you have no excuse to forget them. However if you prefer the home made kind, we've found The Most Perfect Hot Cross Bun Recipe for you to impress your guests.  


Easter Table

We like to inject a little fun into our table setting at Easter. Once you've layered the table in a beautiful French Linen Table Cloth, you can recreate these bunny ears by simply wrapping our French Linen Napkins and Leather Napkin Rings around an egg. An Easter themed flower stem adds a lovely finishing touch.



Easter Egg Hunt

And last, but certainly not least, comes the Easter Egg Hunt. Be sure to hide the eggs in places sheltered from the heat. Sounds obvious we know, but it's surprising how quickly that chocolate melts! You can provide baskets for the kids to collect the eggs and we also like to create clues so that when they find one egg, there's a clue to where the next one might be.