A Stylish Age with Violeta Zuvela

When it comes to fashion, Violeta Zuvela doesn’t let a number define her. The stylish mother, grandmother and Influencer is proof that as long as you feel comfortable and confident, you can dress how ever you like at any age. And we couldn’t agree more...

When did your love for fashion begin, was there someone you saw as a fashion idol?

My love of fashion started with the 70s. I begged and pleaded with my mum to buy me denim flares with flowers embroidered on the bottom leg at 9. Then came the Connie knit and from then on I only wanted to dress in clothes I loved. Although I never had a fashion idol that I can remember, my brother used to sell papers and magazines part time, so I became an avid collector of fashion magazines. 

Violeta wear the Linen Trench Coat, Contraste Shirt and Alexa Pant

What made you decide to be a content creator later in life and to be able to do so confidently?

I’ve always been confident in what I wear, whatever I loved and instagram was just another way I showcased  my style to women around my age that wanted to wear a certain look but just didn’t know how to put it together. It certainly is confidence. 

From left to right: The Alexa Linen Blouse and Marco Linen Skirt, Allegra Linen Blouse & Tailored Linen Pants in rust

 What is your favourite part of ageing and why?

Haha. Ageing isn’t really fun but getting older and still getting strangers come up to you and comment how much they love your style helps. I think the best part of ageing is that nobody can tell you how to dress and what to do. My daughters sometimes do but I blame selective hearing. Lol.

Violeta layers the Vera Coat over the Eddi Vest and Isla Pant  

What advice would you give to women reading this that are looking to step outside their comfort zone and follow in your footsteps?

Just go ahead and do you. Just don’t get offended if someone doesn’t like what you’re wearing as negative comments do sometimes come. Don’t worry and do and wear whatever makes you feel great and you will attract the same minded people with your similar style. All worth it. 


What Eadie piece is your favourite and where will you be wearing it next?

I have to tell you that there is a few but I’m channeling the Alexa black pant with the Contraste natural linen shirt for my next dinner date with my partner. Obsessed with the buttons on the legs of the pants and the cuffs of the shirt. So me xx

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