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Whether we travel near or far, there is a common thread. We seek and appreciate beauty, individualism, comfort and serenity. Sereno is an expression of this. It celebrates the awakening of our senses

We've partnered with three top interior stylists, Design Eleven Co, HAAUS and Studio Haus Co to showcase why our latest Sereno collection is a must for any stylish space. All industry leaders with their own unique style and a wealth of interior design knowledge, read on for their expert advice on how to create a home that is unique to you.

Design Eleven Co

Every collection we create is based on a different chapter in Eadie’s life, our story telling is intricate to our brand and design process to bring you fresh, inspiring pieces every season. It’s an ethos Jessica Ball also adheres to we are creative people and have always felt so much joy from well designed spaces that tell a story.”

Jessica Ball of Design Eleven Co


Jessica Ball is one of the brilliant faces behind the property styling company, Design Eleven Co. At Design Eleven Co, Jess and her business partner Sonya Harward are of the mindset that your home reflects you.

“Your environment has a significant impact on your mental health and state of wellbeing, this draws us to designing spaces that give us and our clients so much joy and calm. We started our Property Styling company on the Gold Coast as we saw a gap in the styling market. We knew we could curate warm and homely spaces with a sense of sophistication and substance.”

A contemporary bedroom by Design Eleven Co featuring our Ella cushion, Marco cushion, Ravo cushion and Jeo cushion and throw


Jessica describes their go-to style as “Modern Mid-Century, however, we also love a collected look instead of a staged look. When we are always sourcing new products, we collect from everywhere and research new brands. We love earthy tones with neutrals for that serene vibe and we are also not afraid to use bright or deep pops of colour.” And that is exactly what our Sereno collection encapsulates, a moodier neutral palette accompanied by grand pops of colour, making it the perfect combination for Jessica to style in her projects.

The Marco cushion and Jeo throw make for a perfect pairing on this sofa styled by Design Eleven Co

HAAUS Design

Now if you’re obsessed with watching the start-to-finish process of home design and decorating then you are sure to be familiar with Rebecca and Alliera, the inspiring duo behind HAAUS design. Their go-to blend of modern and minimalistic aesthetics, enriched with natural elements and a sense of warmth creates homes that look just like your Airbnb favourites.

Rebecca, one of the faces behind HAAUS


We asked Rebecca and Alliera where they draw their inspiration from when beginning the process.

“We are inspired by the idea of creating a ‘holiday vibe’ within our homes, where we can escape the daily routine and indulge in relaxation and tranquillity. By incorporating elements such as light, airy textures, comfortable furnishings and natural accents, we aim to transform our living spaces into retreats that create the atmosphere of being on a holiday getaway.

A warm and inviting space by HAAUS Design showcasing our Muse cushionElla cushionMarco cushionRavo cushion and Jeo cushion and throw


We find that utilising neutral colours as a foundation in a room provides a timeless and versatile backdrop and we intentionally select neutral hues to create a calm and balanced environment. However, we also believe in the power of using styling pieces to inject vibrant pops of colour into a space. By combining the understated elegance of neutral tones with strategically placed colourful styling pieces, we achieve a captivating balance that enlivens the overall design aesthetic.”

Sereno was the perfect collection that allowed them to style their latest project neutral at the base level with injections of this season’s “it” colour, rust to complement the space and surrounding statement pieces.

Keep a close eye on their next HAAUS design for Pinterest like inspiration.

HAAUS Design elevate this bench seat with our Muse cushionElla cushionMarco cushionRavo cushion and Jeo cushion and throw


Studio Haus Co (also known as By Ky Drury)

You have likely come across the name @by_kydrury on your Instagram or if you have ever visited some of Byron Bay’s unique, well-known establishments such as The Mez Club, Loft or The Grove. Studio Haus Co was established by Ky Drury, the uber-talented woman behind these projects. Now leading a team of passionate and forward-thinking designers, including her daughter Dakota Drury who inspired us with her go-to style combination of wabi-sabi/rustic.

Rustic, earthy layers by Studio Haus with our Muse cushionElla cushionMarco cushion and Jeo cushion and throw


We asked Dakota what inspired her to follow in her mother's footsteps. 

“Having parents in the building and Interior design industry I was always involved in family projects. I basically grew up on a job site, which I think helped me a lot in understanding the industry. My design career began in 2017 as a wedding and event stylist, primarily styling photoshoots and creating content for brides-to-be. After becoming a mum I refocused my career into interior styling and decorating. I love creating spaces for people to enjoy for years and years to come.”

 The blanket stitch detail on the Ella cushion


Dakota loves “imperfect elements that tell their own story.” Creating the perfect styling element for Dakota, our Sereno collection consists of handmade pieces, each with their own unique story.

Dakota loves to combine the Muse cushionMarco cushion and Jeo cushion for a textured, natural look


We asked these talented women to share their hottest styling tips and found there were a few notable commonalities.

  1. Good design overall is found within simplicity, Dakota follows a “less is more” approach when designing, knowing this will lead you to a satisfied, thoughtful finish. Rebecca agrees “embrace the power of simplicity” and recommends “opting for complementing statement pieces to capture attention and reflect your personal style.”  Explore our Fylix cushion from Sereno for a bold yet elegant statement.
  2. Invest in timeless pieces, rather than purchasing because they are “trending.” Jessica suggests “spending money on the things that make your heart sing, slow living is key.” We couldn't agree more. It's important to invest in quality pieces, that's why our homewares are so loved by top stylists. All crafted slowly by hand from the finest materials, our artisans in India take extra care to ensure they last for many years to come.
  3. Create the space to be as unique as you.

“Trust your instincts and let your space tell a story that resonates with you and brings joy to your everyday life.” - Rebecca, HAAUS Design

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