At home with Sarah of @thebearcubclub

Interior Stylist, Sarah has captured the attention of tens of thousands of followers on Instagram with her inspiring images and honest, relatable captions. Her account @thebearcubclub showcases Sarah's effortlessly eclectic style.

With her husband working from home during Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions and energetic twin boys keeping her busy, Sarah still managed to find a little time to give her bedroom a fresh Spring update with Eadie.

Spring bedroom with layered velvet cushions, stone terrazzo stool and Magnolia flowers

We love that you’ve called your Instagram account The Bear Cub Club. What is the story behind the name? 

My sister in law asked what nickname we had for the boys just before their first Christmas. The Bear Cub Club was a passing comment I’d made about the boys and I while pregnant and I mentioned it was as close to nickname as we’d gotten. She then had family sweatshirts printed with a cute logo and The Bear Cub Club written on them as Christmas gifts for us all. It stuck.

A linen cushion and velvet cushion stack in a stylish corner of the bedroom

How do you manage to style your own home so beautifully with twin boys around all the time?

It has become impossible during the weekdays to do much other than try keep the house tidy! But on the weekends while Hubby is free to watch and play with the boys, I spend an hour or so styling lovely things in our light and bright bedroom as a break from the busyness.

Some books and a vase filled with magnolias sit atop the terrazzo side table

You have a wonderful way of combining many different elements into a space without it looking staged - such a tricky thing to master. Could you share your tips on how to achieve this? 

That is a lovely compliment and something I didn’t realise I did. I do everything on instinct. I feel frustrated that I never studied interior design, (I studied fashion) because there are a lot of amazing “rules” that short cut the process. 
So instead I take twice as long trying different options until I come to a combination that looks “right” and later I read something like “arrange cushions with a combination of solid colour, pattern and texture” and I go, ooooooh, that’s why I do that?! It’s time consuming figuring these things out myself but I guess it means my end result looks quite organic?! 

Layers of cushions in an unmade bed with slippers and book

You have lots of Eadie in your home. What is it about the pieces that you are drawn to? And if you had to pick one Eadie product to add that special touch to your styling what would it be?

I adore Eadie cushions! The quality is incredible. I love how the cushions sit because of their feather filled inserts. One product would have to be the Precious Velvet Series. It has the most beautiful texture and the lustre adds luxury to a space while still looking inviting, liveable and cosy. The colours are also spot on for me and slot into my colour pallet effortlessly. 

Velvet cushions in natural colours sitting on the bed

And finally, what does home mean to you?
Home is a place to feel comfortable and safe, but also visually beautiful and uplifting. A place to create beautiful memories. With decor, it’s all about mastering that balance between looking amazing using high quality decor, while also being inviting and liveable.  

Sarah from @thebearcubclub and her twin boys in their pyjamas and sleep masks
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