Eadie Muse | Casey Lucas of @lucasgirlslove

Stylish mother of two, Casey Lucas, most commonly known by her Instagram handle @lucasgirlslove shares with us a glimpse inside her world. We cover all things content creation, family, fashion & homewares of course!

Can you tell us a little bit of background about yourself?

I am a happy wife & mother of two tween girls, Emmanuelle & Adenorah. 
I have grown up in Perth, and love the laid back vibe here. 
I have always had a creative side, which seemed to be awakened more so in my early adult years when I began working in fashion & styling. 
I left university to explore what made me happy after experiencing the loss of someone very close to me. After meeting my husband Matt, I have always had a feeling of contentment and the desire to live life in a simple way, with the people within our four walls. 
I am incredibly grateful for my little family.

Casey Lucas wears the Classic Linen Blazer black & Tailored Linen Pant.


What made you decide to get into content creation and where do you draw your inspiration from when thinking up new content?


Pre-motherhood I had a career in fashion and styling spanning over 15 years, I enjoy the creative outlet of Instagram influencing, while still having the flexibility of being available full time to raise the girls and drop everything whenever they need me. 

Creating content often comes very naturally to me, as fashion has taught my so much about working with colours. Also hustling on the sales floor in retail for many years, I am confident in selling just about any product! These two skills have served me well as a content creator. It also helps that I absolutely love what I do, and it's easy for me to find inspiration in the everyday.


Casey Lucas relaxing at home in our Frida Linen Dress in soft blue on a bed dressed in Eadie.


Social media is such a large part of everyday life these days, what is the best advice you give your girls to help them navigate the world of social media as they grow up?


As the girls have grown I have become more protective of their online presence, and their digital footprint. I also wish to lead by example when it comes to social media. This is still a work in progress and I am learning as I go, but the girls understand the world of content creation and what Mama does for work. I find this helpful as they see that behind the perfect images & video, there’s a lot of not so good ones and it takes time to get the 'perfect' shot! 

Social media is not reality, so I hope this will help them to not fall into the trap of comparison and be happy with who they are authentically.


Casey’s Eadie-fied bedroom featuring; The Marina Duvet & matching pillowcase set in ink, French Linen Flat Sheet natural, the Luca Long Lumbar natural, matching Ida cushions and Magnus throw.


You describe yourself as “always overdressed” in your bio and share beautiful outfit inspiration, how would you describe your personal style?


I am always event ready - but my personal style is very fluid! I love any excuse to dress up, and will go all out when I do. I always say I was born in heels. I believe the way we dress is an extension of our personality and I feel happy when I like my outfit!

I don’t mind dabbling in trends, and certainly adapt with the fashion as it changes (please don’t come back skinny jeans) but I am confident in what suits me, and prefer to stay classic in my everyday wear.




Casey Lucas wears our Copenhagen Blouse in white, Tailored Linen Pant natural and Classic Linen Blazer natural over shoulder.


What is it that makes you keep coming back to Eadie products for your home and wardrobe?


My love for Eadie Lifestyle is strong - I do have a penchant for luxury. And again, working in fashion has given me a certain appreciation for beautiful fabrics. This doesn’t stop with homewares! The minimalistic look of Eadie while still offering beautiful textures and patterns means I can express myself within the home and I have so much fun styling Eadie in every room of the house.


The Marina Quilt & matching pillowcase set in ink, French Linen Flat Sheet natural, Bedouin cushion natural, Luca Long Lumbar natural, matching Ida cushions and Magnus throw.


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