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‘Style to SELL, Style to INSPIRE , Style to HOLIDAY’

This is Amy & Monica, the dynamic duo behind South Coast Property Styling.

In the real estate world, it has never been more important to style your home to sell, to holiday let or simply, for you to enjoy. With endless inspiration at our fingertips, the prospect of interior styling can be overwhelming for most, but hiring an interior stylist can be the answer to all your problems, and that’s where Amy & Monica step in!
The two creatives are based in beautiful Berry, on the South Coast of NSW, and met whilst collaborating on an artistic project for a mutual friend. The pair admit - ‘it was love at first sight!’ We chat with Amy & Monica all about their business, where they draw their inspiration from, styling do’s & don’ts and how Eadie has helped elevate their designs.
Amy & Monica.
We are starting to see more people emerge into the interior styling world. What made the two of you want to start a business together? How did South Coast Property styling come to be?

Our shared passion for all things design combined with our respective backgrounds in retail design and commercial styling got us to pondering on how we could join forces. We saw a gap in market and decided to jump in, bringing our love of curating great spaces to the South Coast of NSW. 


Recent Jervis Bay project featuring Marmo Natural cushion & Marina Natural cushion.


What is it about interior design that inspires you and do you have a preferred style?  

We are both firm believers in the transformative power of interior design. A well designed space can relax, motivate, stimulate, inspire and foster connection. We love how interior design can tell a story and that narrative is different for everyone. 

We are both inspired by different cultures, travel, art, fashion and nature. Amy loves the natural, earthy tones and textures, whereas Monica loves the dreamy beach colour palettes and is always a fan of a pop of colour. Together we are united in creating moments of beauty. 


Recent Jervis Bay project featuring Heirloom Throw white, Santi Pistachio cushions & Simpatico Khaki/White cushion.


Aside from the visual evidence of what beauty you can create, what makes the experience with South Coast Property Styling stand out? 

We believe that every client and every project is unique. We aim to make sure our clients feel creatively inspired and emotionally connected in their spaces whether we are styling to sell, styling to holiday or styling to stay. We have extensive experience, understand that first impressions really do matter and are passionate about ALL the details. 

Being part of a dynamic duo, we can bounce ideas off each other and push each other out of our comfort zones into the unexpected… whilst having fun, swapping recipes, travelling and endless book and podcast recommendations… it’s the best!


Recent Jervis Bay project featuring Santi Matural cushion, Bedouin Long Lumbar Ivory, Luca Natural cushion & Gambit Bed Cover (sold out).


We love what the two of you are doing in the styling space, can you share your go-to styling trick?

  • Get inspired - before you start look for ideas that will help you define your style. Do you want your design scheme to be Coastal, Boho, Modern, Farmhouse, Eclectic or even more fun a mix of a couple of different styles!  
  • Always consider the whole house rather than each room or area so there is a cohesive look and feel throughout. 
  • Less is more - We know how tempting it is to keep layering decor pieces but we are big believers in editing, clearing clutter and giving room for your key statement pieces to shine. 

    Recent Jervis Bay project featuring Luca Khaki cushions, Marina Pistachio cushion & Ulivo Throw.


    On the opposite end of that, what is the most common mistake people make when styling their own home that those reading should avoid?

  • Wrong scale - scale and proportion are essential elements of good interiors. Furniture that is too big or too small will throw the balance off in the room making it feel cluttered or a bit awkward. Always measure your room before purchasing furniture so you can consider overall layout and flow in the room. 
  • Wrong rug size - because size does matter! Rugs really anchor and define the space in a room. Most people buy a rug that is too small which then makes the room feel smaller. We are big believers in going bigger! 
  • Lighting, the quiet achiever- Lighting can really make or break a space and how people experience a room. We love layering light so there is ambient light for all the moods, task lighting for all the work and accent lighting for all the fun. Too many people have insufficient or harsh lighting which 
  • Where is the you? Your home should be a reflection of your personality, an authentic space that inspires you and reminds you of all the things that bring you joy. We are absolute lovers of a good design trend but if it does not resonate with your personal style then it won’t work in your home. 
  • Power of colour- Colour has a profound effect on our moods and the atmosphere of a room. Overenthusiastic use of colour can sometimes lead to space that feels a bit too much. Always consider the balance of the overall design with the function of a room when choosing your colour palette. We loves pops of statement colours for accents in cushions, artwork, occasional chairs and decor items. 

    Recent Jervis Bay project featuring Luca Khaki cushions, Simpatico White/Natural & Luca Boho Natural throw.


    You use a lot of Eadie across all of your projects, when did you discover Eadie and what makes you keep coming back for more?

    We were visiting one of our favourite furniture stores and were thrilled to discover this delicious range of throws and cushions by Eadie. We immediately hunted them down to open a trade account and its been a long term love affair ever since! 

    We love the rich textures, the natural fibres, the sophisticated colour palette, the plump feather inners, the complementing ranges and super fast delivery for those tight deadlines. 


    Recent Jervis Bay project featuring the Bedouin Ivory cushion and Calma Sea Mist cushion.

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