How to host Christmas by the sea

The thought of hosting a big Christmas lunch at home can sometimes feel overwhelming. Decorating, cleaning, cooking… there’s a lot of planning and preparation involved. This festive season we’ve decided to keep it simple with an outdoor gathering at one of our favourite coastal spots. If (like us) you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief at the thought of this, read on for our tips on how to host Christmas by the sea.
An Eadie Christmas gathering at Sullivan’s Bay, Sorrento

Location, location, location

Your choice of location will be key for a successful and fun celebration. Be sure to find a spot that has some shade from the sun, offers some wind protection and is close to amenities. A lovely view will further enhance your guests dining experience and a short walk to the beach means guests can enjoy the sand between their toes after lunch.
Choose a spot that has shade from the sun

Keep it practical and comfortable

With alfesco dining your guests won’t be expecting a degustation menu. Take the opportunity to keep the cuisine fresh and simple with produce that is easily transportable to your location. Comfort is important too. Covering seats in linen outdoor cushions adds a lovely luxurious touch.
Fresh bread served on an Eadie Lifestyle Wooden Tray
Luca Linen Outdoor Cushions add a lovely touch to guests dining experience

Be inspired by nature

Take your styling cues from nature. In such stunning surrounds, the table will look fabulous with these earthy tones incorporated. Pair the Soave Linen Table Cloth with alternate Soave and Napkins and Leather Napkin Rings.  Acrylic tumblers are a stylish yet practical choice and some native flora adds a striking finishing touch to your table. Our Jute Hanging Sacks are ideal for storing Christmas gifts.
The Linen Tablecloth, matching napkins & leather napkins rings complement the surrounding nature

Our Artisan Jute Hanging Sacks are ideal for storing Christmas gifts 

Serve a Christmas cocktail

Here at Eadie, we love a special Christmas cocktail and Pimms is the perfect choice for a day by the sea. Here’s how to refresh and impress your guests with this fancy, fruitful cocktail;
Half fill glass with ice
Add 200ml of lemonade
Add 50ml of Pimms after the lemonade
Garnish with slices of cucumber, orange and strawberries
Top with some mint and add a strawberry to edge of glass


Our Pimms Christmas Cocktail

Enjoy the beach

Unwinding after a long lunch is one of our favourite parts of Christmas Day. Without the massive clean up from hosting at home, you and your guests are free to head to the beach. Create a comfortable spot for everyone to unwind with a beach umbrella, some outdoor cushions, jute seat pads and linen towels. Small snacks on serving plates and cool drinks will further enhance the afternoon. At the end of the day as you pack away your belongings in your Eadie Jute Carry Bag, remember to congratulate yourself on hosting such a fun and enjoyable Christmas celebration!
The perfect spot to unwind after lunch with linen cushions, linen towels and a selection of snacks served on Eadie Wooden Trays
Our lightweight wooden trays are perfect for picnics
Our Eadie Jute Carry Bag is designed to carry all your beach essentials