The Block Room Reveals - Master Bedroom

Sunday night’s episode of The Block revealed the much anticipated Master Bedrooms that saw each team running to the finish line to make the cut and really feeling the heat this week.

On top was Steph and Gian, who also won Eadie’s heart. Their japandi aesthetic spoke sweet nothings this week and delivered them a marvellous master. The simplicity mixed with the bold and punchy rust colouring we have seen a lot of this season created a unique overall look. The judges had nothing to fault and neither did we!
Steph and Gian's Master bedroom reveal on the block showcased a japandi styled room with ultimate space, clashing textures and a pop of rust to bring the room to life. Finished with sheer curtains and a divine japanese lantern styled floor lamp
Steph and Gians Master Bedroom Reveal.

Second place was also a very well deserved high score for Kristy and Brett who created magic in their ethereal master. The room dripped in natural light and oozed elegance. Perhaps with some wall art it would have been perfect but there was not much to dislike.


Kristy and Brett's master bedroom reveal on the Block was light and bright with overhead skylights and maximum light through windows on both sides with sheers topped iwth an orange rug

Kristy and Brett’s Master Bedroom Reveal. 

Leah and Ash came in fourth and we commend the couple for a back to back attempt at daring design elements and cracking into a maximalist style. While we applauded the scalloped ceiling and the interest it added to the room we admit it felt quite sparse. They definitely missed making the most of what they had.

Leah and Ash’s Master Bedroom Reveal on the block was bright and showcased a maximalist style with conflicitng stripes and pattersn on the bedspread, teal rugs, purple velvet bedhead and marble side tables
Leah and Ash’s Master Bedroom Reveal.

Also sitting at fourth was duo Eliza and Liberty with a half finished job. Unfortunately, the girls ran out of time to complete their paint job but this wasn’t the only aspect letting them down. It certainly didn’t feel as grand as a master should with little interest and a colour scheme we have seen them use in room after room. They did however nail the layout for the very small space they had to play with.


Eliza and Liberty’s Master Bedroom Reveal on the block revealed a smaller sized master placed nicely iwth a off the side walk in wardrobe and a TV and fireplace bench in front of the bed. A blue and burnt orange themed room continues into this room

Eliza and Liberty’s Master Bedroom Reveal. 

Last, but we certainly didn’t think least, was Kyle and Leslie. A peaceful sanctuary for down time, we appreciate the clear aesthetic they continue to follow every week. Our Bedouin Bed Cover in natural was a must have for the pair and gave the bed a beautiful textural finish along with the finish of the bedhead.


Kyle and Leslie’s Master Bedroom Reveal featuring the Bedouin Bed Cover with a minimalist neutral look and built in bedhead with an overhead led lighting

Kyle and Leslie’s Master Bedroom Reveal featuring the Bedouin Bed Cover.


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