Zoe Inspiration


The ornately carved and oversized wooden door was slightly ajar when Eadie arrived just after noon. Eadie was pleased she had chosen her linen Midi Slip for this intriguing journey in the tropical heat. After a few gentle knocks, Eadie saw an arm gesturing to enter so she made her way inside.


Through the wide hallway with concrete floors, organic vases with undulating curves and the greenest of large palms, sat a woman with long blonde hair. It was the type of hair that falls effortlessly without needing any assistance to groom and gave the air of a free spirited soul. While her back was facing the hallway, Eadie could see she was wearing the most tranquil shade of blue linen and had an aura of calm confidence. 

 Eadie marvelled at the most incredible shafts of light surrounding this women, giving her an almost not of this world glow. She was Zoe, and Eadie had been so looking forward to meeting her.

Will you join me?” Zoe asked, as Eadie sat on the other side of the chess board still not sure what to expect. “Chess is a creative exploration with endless opportunities” said Zoe “The infinite possibilities of moves make it a quest and there is no limit to the creativity. Play with me.”

Eadie relaxed into the cushions behind her with their playful tactility and knew this was a significant moment in time she would capture in her memory forever.

As the evening grew near and the golden sun disappeared behind the field of Llamas grazing in the distance, it came time for Eadie to depart. She was leaving with a new kind of bright that would illuminate the path ahead, and her connection with Zoe had guided her there.