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Freya Collection

This season, Eadie travelled to Denmark to celebrate winter in true style.

Rich earthy tones of nutmeg and chocolate, combined with the soft hue of sky blue, Eadie was seduced by the beauty of Scandinavian nature, cosy fireplaces, hot chocolate and of course, luxurious textiles that wrapped her in tactile warmth and unsurpassed luxury.

This collection is inspired by the Danish way of living called Hygee (pronounced Hoo-gah). This word translates to mean finding comfort, pleasure, and beauty in elegant yet simple objects and rituals. 

The Danes, being known as both amongst the most stylish and happiest people in the world, celebrate Hygee as a daily ritual. 

Whether it be snuggling under a cosy throw reading a good book, walking through the forest celebrating nature or playing a board game with friends, the Danes make happiness and stylish comfort a priority in their lives.

We have been developing these exquisite fabrics over the course of the past 2 years with our wonderful family of artisans in India. With beautiful bespoke textures, advanced weaving techniques, hand stitch finishes and only the best quality natural fibres, Freya has raised the bar for affordable luxury.

We celebrate the philosophy of Hygee. 

It’s our reason for being. 

We hope our beautiful collection “Freya” encourages inspiration to make our homes stylish, luxurious, cosy, and beautiful. 

Eadie's Story


Eadie flew into Kastrup International Airport on a chilly morning. The sun was peeking through the low lying cloud and whilst still onboard the aircraft, Eadie could sense the haze outside equated to the type of cold that chills the bones. The bare silver birch trees were attempting to stand to attention but were being swayed by the strong gusty winds. She anticipated the freezing temperatures she was about to encounter, and they made her shudder.

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Shot on location at Coquun Cottage, Moonan Flat Flat, NSW.