Nat Vincetich

Nat Vincetich
Hair/Make Up Artist & Stylist
Nat Vincetich wears the Purposeful Organic Cotton T-shirt for International Women's Day
Tell us a little about your story and your purpose. 
Turning 50 and feeling empowered!!
My story ... I clearly remember the day walking out half way through high school at the age of 15 with a fair bit of attitude I might add !! 
Yes I've always been a bit rock and roll .....
Knowing I didn’t want to be at school anymore and wanted to become a hairdresser much to my parents dissatisfaction...Inspired by my older sister whom owned a salon when I was a young teen. 
On school holidays from the age of 12, I spent time with her in the salon and loved the magic she weaved with her hands. Everyone that left her chair was always happy and smiling ...
I’ve always had a love of design whether it be fashion or beauty.
Recreating and incorporating my own twist.
Here I am 35 years on, still loving my career choice as a successful hair and makeup artist in the entertainment industry which has taken me to global places and allowed me to meet the most inspirational people that I would have not met otherwise. 
I believe that my Darhma is to make others feel good about themselves, teach them to embrace their beauty inside and out and follow their heart's desires.
Who are the women that have had the biggest impact on you and your journey so far and what have you learned from them?
My mum taught me to respect everything and everyone.
All creatures great and small as well as our planet Mother Earth.
Her passion of cooking and preparing meals so effortlessly with love to nourish and feed her family. Her constant strength and resilience till the day she passed,  shaped who ! am today .
Jennifer Keyte...
My Muse, kindred spirit and long time friend whom for the past three decades has always been there to listen and guide me like a big sister. Her kindness and generosity is infinite. She has taught me to stand in my power, let go of the drama, move forward & set boundaries.
I’m forever grateful.
What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
To me International Women’s Day means all women globally - regardless of colour, race or ethnicity unite, celebrate and support each other’s achievements and success. 
What is your hope for women and girls in the future? 
For women and girls in the future to have a voice,
be heard, to have endless opportunities and aspirations....
Take risks, be brave, be bold, collaborate  and go for gold !!! 
If you could have told your younger self anything what would it have been? 
Dear younger self! 
There are things in life you have no control over “DONT OVERTHINK THINGS “ Fall in love with someone who loves you as much if not more.
Stay true to you and your heart's desires .
Be strong and fierce in what you believe. 
Be open to all perspectives and learn.
STOP trying to make your life go by by trying to reach the next thing!! 
Enjoy every moment as these are PRECIOUS minutes and days that you’ll never have again... 
This is your human experience no one else’s .... 
Life is a gift from the devine 🙏