S24 Tallows Inspiration Story

What does it mean to come back to self?  Eadie contemplated this as she inhaled the salty air and dipped her toe in the water’s edge. Returning home after so many years exploring the reaches of the globe, it was time to simplify her life and slow down for a moment.

It was the strong pull of nature - the rugged outback, the long stretches of serene coastline and the vast expanse of space that had been calling her. That incredible variety of flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth, that made Australians caretakers of such a unique heritage.  Each step she took exploring the magnificent palette and texture of the Australian landscape bought her closer to her heart and truest self. She could feel the calm energy flowing inside her as she walked her spiritual home.

Eadie’s curiosity had always driven her yearning to explore, maintaining an almost childlike, carefree confidence and sense of self, worrying little what others thought of her.

Returning to self implies a sense of being lost, but Eadie was never lost. She was simply rediscovering a connection with nature, with self and with others. Eadie was stepping into her true self in a way she never had before. And with that she learnt what an empowering journey it is and what a comforting place to land.