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An escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life and a chance to disconnect in a world that keeps us constantly ‘on’ - we share with you the enchanting, Amaroo Escape.

If you have been looking for an excuse to get away, this is your sign to book a stay at Amaroo Escape, a luxury glamping accommodation that feels like an out of this world experience. Hidden in the hills of Coneac, NSW, this unique property is a short twenty minute drive from the country town of Gloucester.

Owners, Jim & Susan Spencer have kindly offered 10% OFF your booking between now and August 31st 2024 with code EADIE ESCAPES at checkout.

Ariel shot of Amaroo Escape landscape displayng the mannin river, a fore pit and the glamping tents

Aerial shot of the Amaroo Escape property.

Whether you like to spend your time active outdoors or prefer to indulge in the slower aspects of life, Amaroo Escape covers it all. With endless activities at your doorstep, you may like to try a bushland hike, a dip in the river, connecting with nature or romantic riverside picnics and nights by the firepit. Amaroo Escape is for everyone.

one shot of the manning river, one of a picnic by the river and another riding around the property

A look at the activities available to you.

Being instantly intrigued by the charming retreat, we had to speak to owners, Jim and Susan Spencer to find out more about this unique concept and the inspiration.

“The vision was to create a haven where guests can unwind and reconnect with nature in a responsible and enjoyable way. It is a truly Australian accommodation experience, where guests sleep in a purpose-built luxury eco-glamping tent where they can enjoy slow mornings and cosy evenings. Where they can get back to nature and a more simplistic world that we've left behind”.

“We aimed to blend luxury with environmental consciousness.”

shot of the outside of the glamping tent and an interior shot of the rooms and eadie linens

An inside & outside shot of the eco-friendly glamping tents.

The property is vastly spread over 450 acres of farm and bushland, running alongside the magical Manning River. Amaroo takes you away to its little slice of heaven so location was key.

“Location was chosen by a couple of factors, the first being the stunning natural beauty of the area. Gloucester is known as the gateway to the World Heritage Listed Barrington Tops National Park in NSW and provided an ideal backdrop for the retreat. The area’s diverse landscape of bushland and farmland, coupled with our location on the banks of the Manning River, offered the perfect setting for a nature-immersive experience.”

The stay is only a short two hour drive from Newcastle and three from Sydney, allowing an easy weekend getaway.

“We considered the accessibility of the location for guests while still providing a sense of seclusion and tranquillity.”

a hammock between the trees at the property and the swimming hole you can float around in the manning river

Relaxing hammocks line the property and the Manning River Swimming Hole nearby.

We know nobody is meant to have favourites, but Jim and Susan were happy to share their favourite part of Amaroo is, “the opportunity to share our piece of paradise with our guests and be part of their special moments. It is heartwarming and incredibly rewarding to know that so many guests have chosen Amaroo Escape as the backdrop for such significant and memorable occasions.” 

The couple truly have cultivated a space cherished by all those who have come before. When we learned that they named one part of the property “Proposal Hill” after the number of guests who chose to ask the love of their life to marry them there, we knew the pair had created a deeply meaningful place.

“The serene environment, the sounds of wildlife, and the ability to unwind without distractions are absolute highlights.”

the verandah of the tent overlooking the manning river

The verandah overlooking the Manning River.

At Eadie, we’re all about the soft furnishings and aesthetic of the places we stay so were thrilled to discover each tent at Amaroo features our linen products. Susan shared “the interior styling at Amaroo Escape was carefully curated to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that complements the natural surroundings. Eadie cushions, throws and bed covers also add a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic, and providing guests with a sense of indulgence. The soft textures and neutral tones harmonise with the tranquil setting, creating a serene and relaxing environment for guests to unwind.”

“Eadie’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices resonates with our dedication to environmental consciousness, so our decision to incorporate Eadie also supported shared values of quality, sustainability, and luxury.”

inside the tent with double open doors and a window dining spot overlooking the manning rover

Inside the tent the double sliding doors open right up and you can enjoy indoor dining overlooking the Manning River.

Are you still not sure what to expect from your stay at Amaroo Escape? Jim and Susan have summed up exactly what a night at Amaroo Escape will look like…

Luxurious Accommodation - Each tent is equipped with comfortable furnishings, a plush king-size bed and bedding, and modern amenities to ensure a cosy and relaxing stay.

Immersion in Nature Guests can explore the 450 acres of Australian bushland and farmland in their complimentary side-by-side Electric UTV, and do other activities like hiking, riverside picnics, and dips in the Manning River right at their doorstep.

Eco-Friendly Practices Amaroo Escape prioritises sustainability, offering all-natural Australian-made toiletries and cleaning products, clean energy sources, recycling options, collecting rainwater, eco glamping tent structures that have a minimal impact on the land, 44 solar panels, and a reed bed sewage system to minimise its environmental impact. We rely heavily on nature to provide our power and water. We dispose of rubbish and recycling the best way possible.

Peace and Tranquility The property provides an escape from the noise and distractions of modern life, allowing guests to unwind and recharge in a serene natural environment.

Wildlife Encounters From wallabies and ducks to an elusive koala or platypus, guests have the opportunity to encounter and appreciate the local wildlife during their stay.

Personalised Experiences We strive to provide personalised service, catering to the needs and preferences of each guest to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Complimentary Champagne and Breakfast provisions – Guests can start their day with complimentary breakfast provisions including cereal, milk, orange juice, bread and butter, jams and spreads and more, and enjoy a glass of champagne to toast their stay.


Book your stay at Amaroo Escape. Enjoy 10% off with code EADIE ESCAPES if you book between now and August 31st 2024.

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