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“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” 

Henry David Thoreau

When we first visited norsu Cabin, we were reminded of Walden, the memoir by Henry David Thoreau that reflects on the author's two years living in solitude in a cabin by a lake. It explores themes of simplicity and the beauty of nature, advocating for a life lived intentionally. Located on a vast forest-like property in Macedon, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, norsu Cabin also celebrates the beauty of nature. Blending seamlessy with its surrounds, the cabin evokes feelings of peace and calm almost immediately.
It's clear the design team at norsu Interiors have poured a whole lot of love into this project. The Scandi style cabin features amazing wood beams, pitched ceilings and the finest fixtures, fittings and furniture. These luxurious touches are combined with practicality and cosiness - you get the feeling the design team have considered every moment their guests may want to experience. 
Whether a getaway with friends, romantic weekend or holiday with the family, norsu Cabin makes the ideal retreat. There are two main bedrooms and a children’s room with four cleverly designed double beds. Along with two bathrooms and indoor fireplace, a fabulous outdoor bath next a fire pit allows for total immersion in nature.
We were fortunate enough to partner with norsu Interiors on this magical cabin and speak with Founders, Nat & Kristy, to find out more about how it came to life.
 We love everything norsu does and of course, the norsu Cabin is no exception. What were the driving influences behind the inspiration for the cabin?

 Thank you so much - the feeling is mutual!!

Purchasing a norsu property that we could share with our community has been on our bucket list ever since we opened the doors to our first norsu store. Every day we would receive beautiful comments from our customers saying they didn't want to leave as our store made them feel so calm and at home. Hearing this got us dreaming about one day offering an entire home that guests could stay to unwind and relax in, while also immersing themselves amongst our products.

The moment we laid eyes on this sweet little cabin, we knew it was 'the one'. Believe it or not, but this was the first and only property that we saw. After Nat's Real Estate husband Dan shared it with us on a whim, we instantly fell in love. We spontaneously made an offer on it moments after inspecting it, and by the evening it was ours!

 We know norsu is always coming up with new & exciting ideas, so talk us through the creative process behind the cabin, from conception to completion.

 We loved the uniqueness of this property - I mean, how many log cabins do you see in Australia? 

Given the style of this property is a little quirky, it allowed us to have a bit of fun with the design, taking risks with colour, and selecting furnishings that we may not usually choose for a home to live in.

 As soon as we had signed the contract, we rallied together with our interior design team at norsu Design, creating mood boards, bold colour palettes and brainstorming ideas on how we could make the most of the space. We began reaching out to our gorgeous community of building suppliers that we had worked with in the past, and very quickly we had our plan.

 From here, we whizzed through a very quick 4 month renovation, and then came the fun part - selecting art, furniture, furnishings and styling up a storm. Naturally, we've furnished the entire home with furniture, artwork, furnishings and accessories with products available at norsu.com.au. The entire home is completely shoppable which makes it such an exciting concept for us because how many times have you stayed in accommodation scouting out the cushions, linen, crockery and art, wondering where they were purchased?

The location of the property is very fitting for the ‘cabin in the woods’ feel. When you were deciding on a location, did you always want it to be in Macedon?

 When we set out to find the perfect location for our norsu escape, Macedon was definitely at the top of our list. Nestled just an hour away from Melbourne and only 30 mins from the Melbourne airport, its accessibility made it such an appealing location.  

 Macedon feels like a world away. Its serene landscapes, lush forests, and rolling hills create an idyllic setting that transports you to a different time and place.

 But apart from the location, it was the property that we fell in love with the most!! We loved that it reminded us of a quaint retreat in the heart of Scandinavia - a nod to the scandi roots of our retail business. There was something so incredibly magical the moment we stepped foot onto the property for that first inspection. There are some homes that just have that 'feeling' that you can't quite explain - you need to experience it to understand - and this cabin has it in spades! From the timber logs, to the cosy fireplaces, the pitched ceilings and the incredible landscaped gardens and rows of silver birches, we knew it was truly special.

Do you have a single piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to start a renovation process similar to norsu Cabin?

 Plan, plan, and then plan some more BEFORE you begin the renovation!! We were fortunate to have several months between purchasing the property and settling, which allowed us to rally our norsu Design and building teams together to plan the renovation components, select and order finishes, fixtures and furniture along with other styling elements. This allowed us to hit the ground running from the moment we got the keys, and ensure we had the property completed in the shortest amount of time possible. 

norsu Interiors stocks many Eadie Lifestyle products but why did you choose to showcase Eadie in the cabin?

 It’s no secret we’re huge fans of Eadie products and they’ve been best-sellers at norsu Interiors for years.  We knew that when creating a space that feels both luxurious and cozy, every little detail matters and Eadie Lifestyle's products were the perfect fit. From the plump cushions on the bed and sofa, to the luxe Marina Bedcovers, we’ve selected products that focus on creating a cosy, relaxed vibe.  

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