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When travelling to a new destination, we love to side step the typical tourist track and immerse ourselves in local life. It allows us a more authentic experience of a place and its people. That’s part of the reason we love Coquun Cottage in Moonan Flat, New South Wales so much - it embodies these traits perfectly.

Located in the heart of cattle country just near Scone in the Hunter Valley on over 4000 acres, owners Richard and Annie Bell have lived on the property for 35 years and their love for the land is evident. The idea for Coquun Cottage came to fruition after Annie began to dream of the possibilities for the empty house once their stockman had vacated. “I wanted to create something a little bit special” she says, “peaceful, timeless with an effortless look.” These qualities are certainly what drew Eadie to the cottage when scouting locations for our W24 Freya Campaign shoot.

 On arrival we were greeted with Annie’s delicious home made slice (the recipe she has kindly shared with us here) and felt immediately immersed in the calm, country life Annie & Robert enjoy each day. The cottage has been designed by Annie and her daughter Louy, an interior designer based in Sydney, and was a real labour of love for the two women, “we’re similar in our tastes and she elevates it” says Annie. The sitting room which has a beautiful bench seat with views of undulating hills invites quiet times with a good book.  A travertine bathroom with free standing bath tub confirms this is a place for rest and relaxation. Designed for intimate getaways, there are two bedrooms and the property sleeps four.

Everything has been considered at Coquun Cottage, from beautiful wine glasses and crockery to the best appliances and finest linen, it exudes understated luxury. The exquisite attention to detail conveys how much the guest experience is front of mind. “One thing leads to another. When you start with detail you just have to keep going with it as it completes the house” explains Annie.

If immersing yourself in the countryside and completely unwinding in a luxurious, peaceful setting sounds appealing, we highly recommend booking a stay at

Coquun Cottage.

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All imagery in this story from our W24 Freya Collection Campaign.

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